34 Weeks, & My Favorite Midwife

RockStar weighs approximately 4 3/4# and is about 18″ long at this point (roughly the size of a cantaloupe). The central nervous system is maturing, and the lungs are continuing to mature as well. This kiddo isn’t considered fully baked yet, but they say that babies born at 34-37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine. Whohoo!! I’m considered full term anywhere from 3-8 weeks from now. December 1st is full term, so RockStar, you are welcome to come out anytime after that!

I weighed in at 183# this morning (up 5# over the past two weeks, up 22# overall). I’m sure that traveling and eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted (including lots of my Mom’s delicious homemade bread!) for 10 days didn’t help that number. Oops. I’m trying to eat healthy and get some movement in every day again now.

*Braxton Hicks are still occurring on a pretty regular basis… sometimes I barely notice them, sometimes they’re pretty uncomfortable. I think it’s worse when they happen while RockStar is up playing in my ribs.

*I passed the glucose test last month. They want to see a number under 135 and I was 129. I kinda forgot about the test and downed a vanilla milkshake the night before the test, so I’m glad I passed anyway. 🙂

*I passed the iron level test two weeks ago. I don’t remember my exact levels, but they were “nice and high,” which was good, because I’ve struggled with borderline anemia over the years.

*My Hypnobabies home study course is still going well, though I need to be better about making it a priority each and every day. The full day wrap up class with the teacher is only 10 days away, and after that I’ll do a recap of the program for anyone that’s interested. I’m feeling super excited about the whole thing so far!

I had an awesome appointment with my midwife today. There are a few different midwives at my practice, and they’re all very nice, but Shawna is definitely my favorite. She told me she’s out of town Dec21-23 (I’m due the 22nd), but if this child comes any time other than that, she’ll do her best to be the midwife on call for me, which makes me VERY happy! She’s the most “natural” of the midwives at the practice, and she had lots of wonderful things to say about my birthing preferences letter that I brought in today. I’ll post my final version of that soon! Next on the list is to pick our pediatrician. Yikes!


  1. YOU look great Josie! Perfect little baby bump!!

  2. Such a positive update. Everything sounds like it is going well and you are taking great care of RS and yourself.

  3. I have belly button envy. As you probably remember mine never popped as I wanted it to. And yours is just what I wanted. You look amazing of course. and that picture of your mom's bread, OMG if I had been there, basically none left for you. 🙂 Hopefully RS will avoid those three days. My prediction is she will be a scosh late, but you seem to be super mentally prepared for that (judging from your 2-8 week comment).

  4. I hope Rockstar will be compliant and come when your midwife can be there. If s/he does, then you know you've got a good one.

  5. Lookin' fab!!!

  6. You look so great! All belly! I can't believe you only have 6 weeks left- yay!!

  7. You look absolutely amazing!!! I'm so excited for Rockstar's arrival! I hope Shawna is able to be there for you… and I'm really looking forward to your letter!!!

  8. Josef you're nearly there!!! I think you've popped since the last pick but I mean that in the cutest of ways.

  9. Gorgeous as always! I have belly envy!

  10. BELLY!

  11. I seriously think you're the cutest pregnant girl i have ever seen. How do you make this look so good? I'm so impressed with you girl. Keep up that hard work and study. Your little bebe is going to be one lucky rockstar for sure!

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