A Swimsuit Saga, Before & After

First off, thank you everyone who commented with so many words of support and encouragement last night. I know I’m not the first person and won’t be the last person to feel like this…I’m just hoping this particular moment in life passes by more quickly than most. 

At any rate, my boss from one of the restaurants I worked at all summer has perfect timing and decided to have all of the female staff over for a girls’ night last night (they’re currently closed for off-season so everyone was free). It was SO nice to get out for a bit for the first time in the last nine days. My boss (who is the same age as me) told everyone to show up with an appetizer and a swim suit. That’s a little intimidating as a pregnant lady, but luckily I knew that one of the other servers is 32w along so I wouldn’t be the only one with a belly hanging out.

That being said, my belly is gettin’ HUGE, yo.

On our honeymoon in Jamaica in 2008.
Same swimsuit 3 1/2 yrs later… but tied a lot looser to still fit!


  1. Huge belly and yet still cute as can be. You look like the perfect pregnant lady! Sorry I missed your post last night. It made me so sad to hear how sad you sounded. I really hope this time flies by for you. You know you can always call ok.

  2. OMG you look so cute!!!!!! I'm going to Palm Springs in a few weeks and a barely into the 2nd trimester pregnant lady in a swimsuit is never cute 🙂

  3. You look adorable girl!!! 🙂 I agree with E, perfect pregnant lady! Glad you were able to spend some time with friends!

  4. WOW! That is awesome, you look fabulous!

  5. Dude, why did you do that to yourself.

  6. Hubba hubba!!!

  7. I just wondered, is "hubba hubba" a universal term or does it not make sense to everyone? Um, if not, "hubba hubba" = "Hey hot stuff!"Haha, stupid minnesotans, sometimes we have random shit we say!

  8. Wow! You have the perfect pregnant body. I will never look like that. And your honey moon photo is great! What a hot couple. How fun to see a before and after of the same suit. I'm glad you got out of the house and had some fun!Oak – Hubba hubba is known here in California too, although I don't think I've heard it since 1987. 🙂 Thanks for bringing it back. I feel like it was said a lot in 80's movies with young boys like Goonies or Stand by Me…:)

  9. Belly envy! Look how perfect it is! And no stretch marks you bitch! 🙂

  10. Damn, girl! You look fantastic. At this point in my pregnancy, my thighs were catching up to my belly in growth. You are ROCKING that bathing suit!

  11. Ok, where is there to swim in Colorado in November?You look very cute by the way.

  12. Hubba hubba indeed! Wait, when did we turn into 15-year-olds from 1963?

  13. I'm so impressed that you rocked the bikini. When I did pregnant swim (or fat swim, as my husband called it) I wore my mother-in-laws one piece (that had to make her feel great, a 30 week pregnant lady could fit into her regular suit) and wouldn't dare touch a bikini! Good for you!!! (And hubba hubba is right!)

  14. sexy mama!

  15. You look fantastic, your belly is so freaking cute! I love it when a woman opts for a bikini rather than a 1-piece when she has a pregnant belly, and I wish I had the confidence to do it myself!

  16. haha….Now, seriously. You are too cute. 🙂 By the way….I posted a very funny story about you on my blog. I hope you'll check it out because honestly, I feel really ridiculous about the whole situation that you didn't even know you were involved in. *Wink!*

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