How I’m Killing Time…

Over the past month, I have watched a ridiculous amount of TV. I like reading too, but with the carpal tunnel, it’s currently hard for me to hold books. How sad is that?

At any rate, this means I’ve had plenty of time to form opinions on the current TV shows out there. Here area  few of my favorites. πŸ™‚

Revenge is an awesome new drama on ABC. I love love love it. I honestly only started watching it b/c the female lead is played by Emily VanCamp (who was on the newly canceled Brothers & Sisters – a show I dearly miss), but the whole show is awesome. Check it out! It is one of those shows you’d really want to start from the beginning if possible though – there’s just a lot of back story going on. Totally worth it though!

Grey’s Anatomy Private Practice – It’s been interesting seeing how they handle IF issues on these shows lately (Meredith & Derek have chosen to try adoption and Addison is going through IVF). I’m more impressed recently than I was a couple of seasons ago when IF issues first came up and phrases like “hostile uterus” and “I only have 2 eggs left” were erroneously, ridiculous used. I think their writers have gotten a LOT of feedback from the IF community.

The Mentalist – Charlie and I somehow came across this show on its very first episode a couple of years ago, and we have been hooked ever since. Think Law & Order but with more continuous story line and development of really great characters, plus Patrick Jane (the main character) is so freakin’ cool, and I love that he helps solve crimes just by being super attentive to people and paying attention to detail.

Body of Proof – This is a new medical drama…. another Law & Order type show mixed with lots of medical references. Apparently Charlie and I love a good detective show. πŸ™‚

Modern Family – Funny, funny, funny. If you don’t know what this show is, you live under a rock. I love this show – there is no better comedy out there, and I love that though it stereotypes, it does so in an inclusive, accepting way (and not just tolerance). The whole concept of being “tolerant” of other drives me insane, because would you want someone to “tolerate” that you are different or “accept” you for being different? This show is just straight up funny though, and I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t agree!

Two Broke Girls – This is another new show this season that is SO funny. Maybe I like it because I’ve worked in the restaurant industry, but my husband likes it to, so it must have something addicting about it.

LIVE with Regis & Kelly – I used to watch this religiously, though it’s been a few years now since I had a schedule that allowed that. I’ve watched this whole farewell to Regis week, though, and today I was bawling when they sang a take on the classic Rent song Seasons of Love that was all about Regis and his career. It was seriously awesome.

And finally, this isn’t a TV show, but it’s a great article in Vogue that I came across today about a recent wedding that happened in my little town. It’s a nice article, and you gotta love the gorgeous pics.


  1. I LOVED Brothers & Sisters! And I'm so sad it cancelled πŸ™

  2. OMG I am obsesssed with Revenge. I missed the first episode (maybe 2) and caught up on On Demand. Now I can't wait for it to come on each week! And I secretly hate Grey's but CANNOT stop watching! I'm thinking of watching Private Practice from the beginning when McMister's fishing at night since I've only seen an episode here and there.P.S. RIP Brothers and Sisters πŸ™

  3. I love modern family! πŸ™‚

  4. I cried like an idiot watching Regis this morning. I hate change! Love almost all of the shows you mentioned. I have some serious catching up to do after being out of town so I'm definitley looking forward to the Thanksgiving Holiday when we can sit back and watch a shit load of TV.

  5. I am not loving how they are handling the adoption and IVF story line on Grey's and Private Practice, but I agree it's better than it was.

  6. Modern Family cracks me the hell up! Jeremy and I are almost exactly Claire and Phil. I'm not quite as neurotic and Jeremy isn't as 'ditsy' as Phil, but still, the silly things conversations they have with each other happen in my life every day. lol LOVE it! I know you're on a budget, but I absolutely love my Kindle. I find holding books difficult too (even though I absolutely love hardback books) and the Kindle solves the problem! They have the $79 version now too. Just a thought! πŸ™‚

  7. Love Revenge too! Have you been watching Once Upon a Time? Love it.

  8. I'm totally going to check out revenge – esp. with greys and private practice going on hiatus for a while I've been looking for a new show to watch while exercising :)I agree that the IVF storyline is better than some of the things they've done in the past, but they're still getting a whole heck of a lot wrong. You don't "implant" an embryo, you transfer it. And I cannot imagine that someone is picking out a sperm donor the day of their egg retrival! Plus, the shots don't hurt, and you don't start the ass shots until after retrival. So there was a lot I was saying, "that's not right" about! (I am glad, though, that they didn't have her getting a positive the very first cycle – that really would have been too much!)

  9. I love Sofia Vergara of modern family I think she is hilarious!!! I totally tested up over Regis' last show today. Of the rest of the shows the only other one I know is Grey's and I haven't seen that since season 2! In fact I didn't even know it was still on……sad, sad I tell ya. Darn school!

  10. I have logged more hours on the couch this month than I care to admit. I get home at night and settle in with more laziness than I've ever exuded, but it's kind of nice to have an excuse to do it! I am thankful that I caught the Kardashian wedding before the divorce news came out. Watching it and concretely knowing it was all a sham would have been more than I could have brought myself to do, even in my newfound sloth-like state!

  11. Thanks for the show suggestions! There have been a few that you have mentioned that I really have wanted to start watching, but with my little boy here now I haven't had the slightest bit of energy to watch since I'm so sleep deprived! But I do have to agree with the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice infertility story lines. After going through the infertility path, it's so nice to see it brought to life. Yes, the aren't always 100% accurate, but they are at least letting people know it happens more than they think. There are so many people that are shocked to find out so many people have trouble getting pregnant. I don't know if it was around before I had issues, but I appreciate it now. I of course love those 2 shows and have never missed an episode, which helps. :)I think I need to start watching Revenge and Modern Family though…

  12. Wait…..Regis is leaving?!?!?!?!

  13. No shame in loving television! I am actually looking forward to my prescribed 48 hour bed rest after my transfer–because it will be a tv and movie binge! And maybe some knitting. You are so close!

  14. I haven't seen Revenge yet, but hope to get caught up over the holidays. I've heard it's really good. I've really been enjoying Once Upon a Time this fall – you should check it out.

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