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After a super funny post wherein she hurt her own feelings thinking she had offended me because of my lack of comments (in actuality I had never been a follower, oops! LOL), the newest person I follow is Shannon over at solo pronto, and she just gave me the Liebster Blog award. Apparently Liebster means “beloved” or “favorite” in German, so thank you, Shannon!

This is an easy award – after thanking Shannon, I just need to nominate 5 of my own favorite or beloved blogs. 🙂 Easy enough! Today I’m going to highlight some TTC ladies that are going though big time stuff right now.

(1) Jill @ Infertility Unexplained – Jill & her husband have been struggling with that frustrating diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” for nearly three years now. They are currently undergoing their first IVF cycle – please give her some love!

(2) Krista @ My Infertility Road – Krista & her husband are dealing with severe male factor issues, and she also gets random cysts on her ovaries. They are in the midst of their first IVF cycle at CCRM (the amazing clinic I used in Denver) and are hopefully doing their FET in December!

(3) Liz @ Compromised Fertility – Liz & her husband are keeping their fingers crossed to finally get to their first FET next month! She has PCOS and only one tube, plus 2 cancelled transfers for IVF/FET in the past because of fluid in her uterus. I so hope they finally get this chance at their miracle baby!

(4) Sarah @ Him + Me = Three? Maybe – Sarah & her husband have been TTC for 3 years (PCOS) and after a roller coaster surprise BFP last summer that ended in a m/c, they have made an appointment with the RE and are jumping back onto the TTC ride.

(5) Michele @ Greetings from Nowhere, NM – Michele and her husband are dealing with living in the middle of nowhere (kinda like me!) which means being far from a selection of specialists to help with this IF journey (possible hypothyroid & MF issues). She’s in the 2ww from her most recent IUI. After nearly 2 years TTC, I so hope this is it for her!

Don’t forget to check out my TTC Prayers page if you are looking for someone who might be in a similar situation as you! I have it divided into IVFers/IUI & Natural TTCers/Adopting/PAIFers/Moms that I follow. Within each category it is pretty well listed in chronological order (length of TTC or age of child). It’s so awesome to me to watch my lists slowly become bottom heavy as more and more people join the PAIF/Mom lists, but it’s still so hard to know that so many of you are stuck in the TTC hell of the first 3 categories. Once an IFer, always an IFer, and I pray that somehow we all end up with our children in our arms someday.

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