36 Weeks and Thankful

I’m officially in the 9th month of pregnancy, and for that I am obnoxiously, overwhelmingly, insanely thankful.

This isn’t going to be a bulleted thankful post by any means. I’m cranky. I’m overtired. I’m feeling huge and uncomfortable. The carpal tunnel blows, and there is rarely a position I’m comfortable sitting or lying in anymore. I can definitely see how people are so incredibly ready at the end to get the kid out and to move on to the next stage.

That being said, I’m always thankful that I even have these things to bitch about. Capisce? I’m so excited to get to hold this baby in my arms – words can’t even explain it!

RockStar now weighs roughly 6# and is about 18.5″ long (the size of a crenshaw melon). Of course the exact size can vary widely from baby to baby at this point, but I’d believe there’s a six pounder in there, just based on the insanely full feeling in my belly!

I weighed in at 183# this morning (the same as last week, up 22# overall). A fellow blogger mentioned to me last week that she actually quit gaining at the end because it was so hard to eat thanks to the heartburn. I can definitely see this happening to me. My Mom also lost weight at the end (and she had me a couple weeks early), so maybe I’m just taking after her. One can always hope! 🙂

General Symptoms – Heartburn, carpal tunnel, peeing every hour, constant congestion/runny nose, etc. Nothing too crazy all on it’s own – I think it just starts wearing me down all together, especially because those symptoms all together mean very little sleep for me. I seriously fell out of bed last night rolling over in discomfort. Scared the shit out of me, and Charlie didn’t notice a thing! LOL

At my checkup this week, they did the StrepB test (which will be good for 5 weeks – I don’t have results yet), and the gonorrhea and chlamydia tests (so we can opt out of the standard application of eye goop at birth). I measured at 35w (I was 35w5d), and the baby’s heartbeat was in the 150s. She said I “might be dilated to 1cm,” but since she wasn’t specifically doing a check of that she wasn’t sure. Kind of cool to think we’re getting close though!

I had a little breakdown on Monday night to Charlie… I’m just TIRED, and I think the combination of the pregnancy symptoms + being home alone all day not working or seeing people = sad hormonal pregnant woman. I’m trying to get out of the house more on walks, etc. to combat that. Thankfully we’ve had great weather lately (50s and sunny today instead of -10 and freezing like last Thanksgiving!), so it’s doable to get outside still. Check out this profile!

Finally, I am thankful for the little things we’re starting to get together around the house. Charlie put up Christmas lights for the first time (and i LOOOOOOVE Christmas lights), we started getting the nursery put together and the closets reorganized with rods and shelving to make room for baby stuff (though there is lots of organizing and decorating to do in the room itself), and we finally have a kitchen table after 1 1/2 yrs of living here without one!

We’re getting a bookshelf from IKEA to store a bunch of the stuffed animals and books on
(they’re in boxes in the far corner right now).
The custom width cordless cellular blackout shade was spendy, but worth every penny I’m sure!
The dutailier glider + nursing ottoman was a Craig’s List score ($200 instead of $600+ new).
The dresser/changing table was also a Craig’s List score ($50 + the $20 we spent painting it).
The convertible crib was a baby shower gift from my MIL’s friends. So nice of them! 

This custom pub height table was built by the same guy who built our cabinets for the house when we first moved in (Charlie did a trade and built him a shed in exchange for the table).
We obviously still need chairs, but baby steps people!
The chandelier was a freebie from one of MIL’s friends (it used to be an ugly gold light fixture from the 90s). We’re going to replace the sconce covers eventually as well. 


  1. You are looking AMAZING. Your hair is gorgeous. You may not feel it, but you are :)Not long now…I can't believe it.

  2. You look fantastic! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 And just think, the next holiday will be so much different! Even if it means you'll be freaking out over every pain thinking THIS IS IT! Though, I think she'll be here before then 🙂

  3. Such a wonderful post!!! You look absolutely amazing!!! This was so fun to read!!!By the way, I know you've already gotten the Liebster Award, but I seconded it in my post yesterday!!!

  4. Hey what a great post. You've got it all coming together…and what great bargains! Nicely done. The room looks beautiful! You look great! Looks like a boy to me!!

  5. your baby bump is so stinkin cute 🙂

  6. So happy things are going well and you will be holding your Rockstar soon! Cute bump pic! Thanks for the Liebster award!

  7. You are not alone, I had many break downs towards the end of pregnancy (come to think of it, I'm still having them). You look so great!

  8. You look perfect as always!!! It won't be long now until you have the reward in your arms and you'll barely be able to recall any of this hard pregnancy stuff. I can't wait!!

  9. You are all belly – you look great! I can't believe you are 36 weeks – time flies!

  10. Seeing your nursery gives me goosebumps 🙂 So exciting to think there will be a lil one occupying that space soon 🙂

  11. You are glowing! Hang in there for the next few weeks. Every second is worth it!

  12. Hey Hey Hey, I see the upper lip on your navel! :-)Maybe you are just following your mother's footsteps on the weight issue. Please take care of yourself, you do sound very tired.The nursery is coming along very nicely.

  13. The nursery looks like is coming along. You're almost there (or rather rock star is almost here). Your hair looks so

  14. Oopps my comment cut off. Your hair looks so lush and healthy!

  15. Just stopping back by to let you know I nominated you for an award on my blog!

  16. I hope it's true, and I stop gaining at the end, although I seem to be eating WAY more than ever before, so I think I'm still going to continue to put on a few pounds 🙂 Don't you love that everything is coming together in the nursery?? I go into my lil mans room, and just stare in disbelief that I will HAVE A BABY IN THERE SOON.. It's crazy to me 🙂 Thanks for the website you gave me to try.. I'll let you know if I have any luck 🙂

  17. You look great! I completely understand now also why people decide they are ready in this last month. I'm exhausted and feel like everything requires so much energy. I've been congested for a week and my carpal tunnel gets worse daily 🙁 Hopefully we'll have our little ones sooner rather than later.

  18. The room is looking gorgeous! Hang in there. This last month is hard, but you are so close.

  19. You look fantastic! All of your exercise is totally paying off, and 22lb's is an awesome amount to have gained by now! I kept gaining at the end, perhaps it was eating comfort food to get me through the last month though…hahaLOVE the nursery furniture and table…it seems like everything is coming together for you, which is good because even though a month of lonely, monotonous days sounds like a long time, it's so very very CLOSE to when you're going to meet this little RockStar, and you want to be as ready as possible!

  20. Somehow I missed this post – so sorry! You look beautiful as always and the house is coming together so well! Time to start that countdown mama!!

  21. Yep, this about sums it up. Except I still love to eat… And you still had definition in your face.. Whereas I am quite blobby.

    But god! I am so uncomfortable, and bitchy!

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