GGC just posted here, and it broke my heart to read.

Please check out her blurb about Michal and her family. I don’t know the whole story, but apparently Michal and her husband had been TTC for 7 years. Last week she gave birth to healthy twins, but she sadly died shortly thereafter from complications after her c-section.

Awful. Tragic. I cannot imagine.

If you want to help (or just read more), check out their website here.


  1. Wow. So very sad. Awful. Unimaginable 🙁 Went to the page, read two sentences and couldn't read anymore…:(

  2. I'm so sorry. I work at the NYU Langone med center, this is so very sad. Something like this was common a 100 years ago, it should not be happening in this present day and age!

  3. This is so sad. I feel like crying and I have great fear because I have a c-section scheduled in April to deliver my triplets. I am praying for the family.

  4. How does this happen in today's world? So terrible. They are all in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. oh. my. So so sad. I am just trying to wrap my mind around this. I used to follow the blog MattLizMadeline for a while with a similar story, but this one with the twins and the 7 years of infertility is just too much. What a beauty that woman was and so sad she'll never get to spend time with those babies that she wanted for so long.

  6. OMG this is so tragic, to still be happening in this day and age.

  7. Horrid. OMG. Awful. That poor man and his family and now new borns. Sick. Stef's sister almost died after her c-section. Amniotic fluid got in her blood stream and it's a death sentence for 2/3 women. She was the fortunate 1/3. Your post's mother was not. So terrible. Thanks for bringing it to our attention….we should never take a successful birth for granted.

  8. So so sad…

  9. Hey Josey,I gave you a blogger award on my blog today. Also, I noticed I was on your TTC Prayers list. Means so incredibly much to me to be in your thoughts. Thank you!

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