When I Think About You I ____ Myself

Admit it, it’s impossible to not start singing or humming when you read that line.

Unfortunately for me (and my sex life), I now fill in that blank with the word pee. PEE.

DAMMIT OAK, I know you warned me about the perils of not keeping up with my kegels, but this is ridiculous.

I run up the stairs. I pee.
I laugh at something my husband says. I pee.
I crawl out of bed. I pee.

I’m hoping it’s just b/c the kid is constantly on my bladder and this problem will resolve itself post-delivery, but I have a feeling I need to get on those kegel exercises, just in case.

Yikes. I need to pee.


  1. Ha! Honey I'm sorry to tell you it only gets WORSE post-delivery!! 🙂

  2. Sadly, it doesn't get better postpartum. I don't think I'll ever be able to do jumping jacks again.

  3. Dr. Oz's show on Friday had a bit about this an different exercises other than kegels

  4. Oh man, I'm sorry I laughed at this one.

  5. Yeah, totally worse post delivery. I thought FOR SURE it would be better because Maggie wouldn't be kicking my bladder or sitting on it, but now it comes out of NOWHERE and I HAVE TO PEE NOW!!!! I have barely made it to the bathroom several times and 5 minutes prior didn't feel the need at all. NOT FUN!

  6. oh the things i get to look forward to.

  7. Ok… first of all, I LMAO when I started reading your post, because I was totally singing that song in my head. Second… oh my goodness, now I know what to… ahem… look forward to! 😉 You're getting so close!!! I'm so excited for Rockstar to arrive!!!!!

  8. Okay, I finally don't pee myself anymore but I'm sure I will pretty soon. And just becuase Erik calls me the embodiment of IMDB I thought I'd let you know that DiVinyls sings "I Touch Myself" 🙂

  9. Seriously? I'm scared then because I have to pee constantly, is that a long-term dribble problem?

  10. Huh, I have that pee problem NOW. Guess I am in big trouble over the next few months! I better register for Adult diapers too…

  11. LOL thank god I didn't have that problem!

  12. Yep, hear you loud and clear. Pregnancy equals buying toilet paper in bulk!!! Thanks for your comments today too. I owe you virtual consultant fees:]

  13. LOL, it's true, worse after baby! But have no fear, you'll be, er, back in control of your bladder within a month or so after baby.

  14. OK well since I'm almost exactly 48 hours post delivery and for the first time in several months…if I laugh I DON'T pee, if I change positions I DON'T pee, it's the best it's been in a long LONG time….maybe it's just because I'm swollen in that area, but I'm really enjoying it for the time being 🙂 Here's hoping you have similar and more permanent results after delivery!!! Only a little over 2 weeks left 🙂

  15. Of course it is bad RIGHT after delivery. Like you think about peeing and you….pee. Ach, so glad you are still wearing diapers and huge pads. Being a mother is glamorous for sure! But it totally gets better in my opinion. I did jumping jacks and running and all that stuff without peeing so there is hope. AND I totally shirked on the kegals last time around.

  16. I really should have done kegels. I should still do kegels two years later! Why don't we listen to good advice??Don't jump on a trampoline (you know, afterwards)…or sneeze. Dangerous!

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