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Okay ladies – I need your help.

We are just about at 38w, and we canNOT agree on a potential boy name for this child. We are set on the potential girl name (Stella) and even have a potential backup if needed (Vivienne, and call her Viv), but boys names have been hard for us. I don’t want to be those parents who spend days with “baby boy” trying to figure out a name, so this needs to get figured out asap!

~The middle name would most likely be Adam, and our last name starts with an S (two syllables).
~I’m 100% Norwegian and love traditional Norwegian names, but my cousins are pretty great kid-namers and have already used my favs (Aksel and Sydney). Anything very old traditional Norwegian (like Sven) my husband refuses to even consider.
~My husband likes very simple, common names (Luke is his fav).
~I like not-so-common names (Braxton is my fav).
~Our “compromise” names right now are Landon, Carson, Grayson, and Aiden.
  Aiden is out to me (too popular).
  Grayson is probably out to me (I don’t want the kid’s name shortened to Gray, plus his initials would be GAS).
  Landon & Carson we’re both “ehhh, okay” on. I want to love my child’s name, not be “okay” with it.

I’d love any/all suggestions on names or websites to check out. Thank you!!


  1. The Baby Bump just listed the top 100 boy names for 2011. Aiden was number one. With Mason coming in second. Here is the link: have to tell you I like the name Landon and I like the name Sven. Good luck choosing a name!

  2. Frankly, I like Luke. How about Jacob?

  3. Joshua?

  4. Lucas was one of our top choices for a boy, with Luke being the nickname. I think it's cute. Nathan, Noah, Gabe, Dillon, Collin, Logan, Ethan – those were all on our list too.

  5. Boys names are hard!We were going to name our baby (if we had a boy) Camden and Cam for short.I also love Logan, Lawson, and Blake.Good luck!!!

  6. Yeah, GAS would not be cool. tee hee.what we did for coming up with T's name was to download the top 1000 list from social security and each go through it separately (in an Excel file) and mark all the names we liked. Then we looked for the ones we had in common, each ranked those (there were only five!!!) and came up with Timothy. Nathaniel was our second choice but DH doesn't want to go with that this time, which means we have NOTHING!!! Of the options you list, my fave is Landon too. Luke I don't think goes as well with your last name. FWIW I wasn't in love with Timmy when we picked it either, but I couldn't imagine calling him anything else now. So I don't think you have to be over the moon about your pick. (And boys names are SO MUCH HARDER than girls!!! Love Stella :))

  7. Have you tried ?You can type in a name you kind of like (or even the group!) and it will give you suggestions. My nephew is Landon, so I am partial to that name. When I put it in nymbler, others that were suggested were: Mason, Austin, Alton, Bryson, Jackson, Liam, Greyson, Grayson, Clayton…J and I have the opposite problem – girl names! We have our boy name mostly picked out (James Clayton/Christopher S), but all girl names J shoots down. "That sounds like a strippers name." "That's a grandma name." Men.

  8. I love Stella and Vivian- Steve wouldn't go for them ๐Ÿ™ I do love Luke for a boys name. I used the website babynamesworld. We had such a hard time picking- but it is true that you just know when you see them. Good luck!

  9. Names are not my strong point I have never had any strong feelings towards any name. For boys I like bible names for some reason all the ones you mention are super cute I like the name Carson and Grayson is awesome but you are right about the initials. I like the name Andrew and you could call him Drew for short, not a Norwegian name I know. Hope you narrow a couple down for the big day and then decide once you see him/her. Good Luck!

  10. I love the name Stella! We are having a girl, too, but some of our boy picks were West, Anderson (both family names), Beckett, and Fisher (or Fischer). Good luck! I love the fact that you didn't find out. What a sweet surprise! Best Christmas present ever, I am sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Names are so hard! Maybe when your little person is here and you see his/her sweet face the name will just come to you. I found it VERY hard to name a child that we didn't know if we were having or not. It will all work out!

  12. I found this article really interesting – about a family name? Possibly a last name (Anderson, Cooper, Bennett)? Or how about a combination of Landon and Carson and do Larsen? I really love Grayson, but can understand your hesitation with it. If you do his initials gSa on all the monogramming it wouldn't be so bad :)Personally I think it's a girl anyway, so you should be all set with Stella. Adore that name!

  13. I like very traditional, english names :)With naming Caroline we both narrowed our list down to our top 5 and C was on both our lists, thus her name. the other 4 were different. Emmett?

  14. The alternate names for my son were Griffin, Cormac, Barrett, Arden, and Abel. In the end he was named Connor. Boy names were definitely harder than girl names!

  15. I just remembered some more! Brandon, Ian, and Eli/Elijah/Elias. My husband nixed all of those before they even became possibilities. I always liked Samuel, but that's my nephew's name so it was a no-go for us.

  16. I'll have to come back and read everyone else's comments and think of some good boy suggestions for you, but I just wanted to say I LOVE VIVIENNE! McMister doesn't agree or else that'd be very near the top for us for girls.P.S. Stella is adorable too ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I don't have a suggestion for a name or a website, but I LOVE your choice of Sven. How cute would it be to talk to little baby Sven? Come on, Charlie. We had the HARDEST time with boy names. You will find the right one.

  18. In keeping with the Norwegian influence (and simple names): HansThorGabrielKnut (or Knute)ViktorLukasMaxOskar (I love this!)RalphSamuelWhatever you choose will be the perfect name. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just don't pick Tomas, we've got plenty of them in the family already! Or pick it, and we'll have another. lol. xxlove you! Tell RockStar to wait 10 more days before being born!! Mom

  19. So, we know we're having a boy and we're 39 weeks and only have it narrowed down! If it makes you feel better, the narrowed down names are ones that we both like… but none that we've known was THE name, very hard!!! Some that were on our list from the beginning were Jake, Beau, Will, Lance, Chase, Brooks, Vince and Nate. Some boy babies recently born around here have been named Jonah, Jackson, Kyler, Max and Micah. Good Luck!!!

  20. Ahh, Juls (your mom, I think?) beat me to it! One of McMister's best friends from college is Norwegian. His name is Thor and they just had a baby boy named Oskar. Thor's dad is Steig (sp?). Oskar is soooooooo cute!

  21. I am leaning toward Rowan personally. And I love Maksim but that's German. My all time fav is Rhyce and its more Scottish/Irish than Norwegian but thought I would share. I love oskar and sven and Abel from above….. Viv and Stella are both sweet!

  22. How about West or Weston or Westley or Aspen or something to reference the beautiful area where you live? Other classic but not too classic names might be Caleb, Garrett, Reed, Seth, Jonah, Nathaniel… Also, on the Norwegian front, I once knew a very nice guy named Kjell (pronounced "KEL") which I always thought was cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. My husband and I never agreed on a boy name either. Turned out we spent all that time debating for nothing. We had 2 girls. Maybe it's a sign ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. When we had Bud we could NOT come up with girls names. We picked the boys name out almost immediately but couldn't even come close to a girls name. (Coincidentally, they told us I was having a girl, until the day after my shower where I got all pink stuff, two weeks before I was due, that in fact, it was a boy.)Then the second time we had an easier time coming up with a girls name and couldn't agree on a boys name. And we had a girl! So this all boils down to my conclusion that you are having a girl! :-)Oh, and I like the boys names Grady and Ryan. Just throwin' that out there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. BTWs the Sydney in our family is a girl (duh, you know that), and you could totally still use Sidney for a boy ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Oh, and I forgot to say, what about Brayson/Brason…Like Jason but not. A combo of Braxton and Grayson!Just have a girl. Hahahha. JK. BABY AHH!!

  27. Well, i have to admit that I am partial to Carson (at least 3 males in my family carry that name). I agree that Aiden is way too popular. I do love Luke or Lucas. What about Leif for a Norwegian choice? It is also simple. Oscar? Paul? So hard! But so exciting.

  28. I love reading everyone's suggestions, and I have to agree with Amy and "momnextdoor" in that I'm guessing you're having a girl simply because those are the only names that are sticking! We had the exact same situation with Elijah and Abigail. We found out the sex both times, but still talked about opposite gender names just in case what we were told was wrong, but we could never ever decide on a name!I adore the name Vivienne (especially your spelling of it!) and I love Stella too, but my husband vetoed it long ago. ๐Ÿ™ For boy names, I thought of Ansel (like the photographer Ansel Adams…totally just realized that you wanted his middle name to be Adam though! Oops!) Personally, I'm a big fan of Ian, Edmund, Felix, William and Barrett, which I know are mostly English, Scottish and German. I always thought Calvin (Cal for short) was a nice name, and I second what other posters said, about Jakob (does the 'k' make it more Norwegian? ๐Ÿ˜€ )Kjell (how cool is that name?) Viktor and Lukas. Oh, and Eli/Elijah/Elias, of course (but then, I'm pretty partial to that one!)I discovered this blog a while back and spent hours reading it, but then again, I'm obsessed with names like that. Maybe you could write the author? The blog is

  29. Some of my favorites are…CooperCarterParkerGraysonGood luck!

  30. My hubby and I are having the same problem – we don't know the sex of our baby and cannot agree on any boys names that we both love. Are there any family names you can pull from? I'm sure you have googled yourself silly about this, but I just looked up some Norwegian names and found some interesting ones: Jensen, Niklas and Nelsen. Some popular names in 2010 in Norway include the following: Emil, William, Marcus, Oliver, Aleksander. Hope that you guys can find that perfect name soon! You are totally right – you have to LOVE it, not just think it is OK. Best of luck!

  31. P.S. I adore your girl picks ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Download the baby names app. I think it's called BabyNames. It's a dollar or two and is AMAZING. We used it to research and store our favorites for boys and girls. My husband still adds names he likes to it. It lets you sort by any category you can think of: Year, Nationality, Popularity and letter. If you can't tell, I highly recommend it!

  33. Sawyer

  34. What about Cohen for a boy? It was on my boy list. Landon was too. Hmmm I dunno! Its sooo hard! ๐Ÿ™‚ Stella and Vivienne are beautiful names!

  35. Good luck.Our boy name is Alex. Not Alexander, but just Alex. I really like Alec too.And yeah, I LOL'd…you'll have to stay away from G names. GAS would be picked on quite a bit.

  36. Just a couple more ideas on names that would reference your beautiful hometown: Jasper and Micah are both minerals found in the Colorado Rockies! Good luck — whatever name you choose will be perfect.

  37. I love Hudson. Since all of my kids (Gd willing) will have Hebrew/Israeli names, I can't use it.I like Lucas LarsJensNikolaiTomasLeifErikJakobGood luck. I Love your girl names! (These are all from a random Norwegian name page)

  38. So fun! I can't wait until Rockstar is here!!! And I had to laugh at your reasons for not really wanting to go with Grayson. ;)Boys names are hard! Some what we like (depending on the day) are:ChaseAscherBraedenBequett (or Beckett)CyrusDrakeLeviJordanKeananRomanTeyganWe always loved Caden and Aiden but so many of our friends and family have named their boys Caden and Aiden that those are out for us.

  39. Too bad Grayson would make it GAS because that is such a cute name. Lately I have liked the name Henry for a boy or Cooper or Parker. I also think Sven is adorable!

  40. Carson was on our short list but then we fought so much that we waited until we saw the little guy to choose. We ended up with Henry Elliott, which I never would have thought we would go with, but it's what he looked like. It's so hard to name someone you havent met!!

  41. Boys names are so hard, I do like the name Landon and Lucas is also a nice name I think.Good luck!

  42. I'm like comment 154 so I'm not going to take the time to read them all to see if I've been beaten to it, but have you considered Luca/Luka? I've always kind of liked it and it combines his love for Luke with your love for something a little different.

  43. Ok, I'm the 42nd post, so I hope you'll get to it. I will give you what we were going to name our boy if we had one…'Denver' for obvious reasons…to celebrate where he was conceived. Middle was 'Orion' for the constellation. Other favs were Avery and Lincoln. BTW it was because of your birth plan that I put in my birth plan not to clamp the cord until it stops pulsing! Thank you for that and the article! Good luck with the names!!!

  44. Hudson; Landry; Burke; Ryder; Slade; Sloan; Leyton…Happy Baby Naming! So happy for you!

  45. Naming a baby is very important and crucial decision taken by the parents. Family members start suggesting names for a little baby and even parent do indulge in internet researching to look for a particular name according to their choice. Baby Names

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