Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In : 2 Weeks Postpartum

Okie dokie… so I’m probably not going to get around to posting weekly belly shots for these weight loss posts, but I will make an effort to post milestone pics (like when I hit my pre-preg weight, my 30th birthday, etc.).

As a reminder – I started my pregnancy with Stella weighing 161# and gained around 25#. I am happy and stunned to report that I’m down to 164# this morning, so in two weeks I’ve effectively lost 22# of the 25# I gained! (that’s a 2# loss in the past week)

It’s interesting to me that I was sure I’d be one of those people that gained way too much and had tons of issues losing the baby weight (gaining weight has never been hard for me to do :P), but eating sensibly and moving my body really paid off. Sure, when the morning sickness was at its worst from 6w-13w, I ate whatever the hell I could keep down, but overall, I made smart choices, and now that I’m on the other side and wanting to take the weight off, every good choice I made is sure paying off!

My goals last week were to drink tons of water, eat healthy foods in sensible portions, and walk to the post office three times.

Well, I drank a ton of water (though probably still not enough), I ate pretty sensibly (so nice to have Mom in town still cooking for us!), and I did not walk to the post office once. LOL

Honestly, I still need to figure out if Stella’s car seat will fit with the adapter on our stroller. I guess I need to kick that up the priority list. šŸ™‚ I did do quite a bit of walking this week though while running errands – probably too much, honestly – so I’m not too worried about the moving part of the equation yet. I can definitely tell whenever I push my body too much at this point (super sore, even more tired, increased blood loss), and there is a fine line at this point of how much I can even do. My priorities for now need to be giving my body time to heal and to take naps whenever possible.

Goals This Week:
Drink a glass of water every time I breastfeed Stella.
Not skip meals just because I’m preoccupied with baby stuff.
Listen to my body, and walk if I can, rest if I can’t.

First Weight Loss Goal:
Lose the last 3# of pregnancy weight by my 6 week check-up / 30th birthday week.
(Jan 19th/20th – 4 weeks away) 

I know this may or may not be possible since I’m not allowed to exercise before then, but it’s about 4 weeks away, and the past couple of weeks have made me optimistic that I can do this. For sure I don’t want to gain weight before then, but it’d be great if I could start my 30s with a new workout plan and clean slate to start working on getting down to my goal weight.

Speaking of my goal weight… way back when I hit my high of 172#, my goal was to lose 30# and get down to 142#, and I think I’ll keep that as my goal. That means I have 22# to lose as of this morning

Remember – I’m 5’8″ tall. I know you really should take into account body frame, bone mass, etc, but just by using the standard BMI calculator, at 164#, my BMI is 24.9. (“Normal” weight for my height is 122-164#). That means this should be the high end of what I ever weigh, which makes sense to me, because this is about the high that I ever feel comfortable in my clothes at.

At 142#, my BMI would be 21.6 (18.5-24.9 is normal), so I think that is the perfect mid-range goal. I want to lose the weight by June 1st, just in time for summer…and the rest of my life. šŸ™‚ That gives me 23 weeks to lose 22#, which would reflect a nice, solid, steady lifestyle change that I’ve stuck with.

As one final note, quite a few of you emailed me or wrote comments on last week’s post asking if I’d mind if you joined in on the Weekly Wednesday Weigh-Ins. Go for it! The more the merrier. šŸ™‚ Writing it all out here helps to keep me accountable, and if I know there are others of you out there doing the same thing, all the better. We can do this! Feel free to grab the icon and add it to your posts as well.


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! I was actually going to email you today with an ever bigger congratulations: making it to the 2-week mark as a mom!Those first two weeks, though thrilling and wonderful and beautiful, are also the hardest. By far! Keep up the good work šŸ™‚

  2. I'm so amazed at how quickly you are losing the weight! It really motivates me to get into shape before pregnancy so that I have a chance at the same results afterward.

  3. That's amazing. So fast! I love the drinking water when you breastfeed goal…I have a "drink a glass of water for each diet coke" goal. LOL.

  4. Ok, I JUST got caught up, Gooner's in bed sleeping. Wow, I just can't believe how FAST her birth went. So awesome. I'm glad you have your baby now and are doing so well in regards to weightloss. I was one of those whose body REFUSED to shed weight until I put Gooner on some solids at the 6 month mark. I'm hoping this baby is different! Oh and I voted girl so I'm glad she's here!

  5. Wow!!! Amazing!!! Congratulations!!! I'm really hoping I can do as well with pregnancy as you've done! I'm starting off higher than I should be, but I'm trying to make sensible choices throughout. I'm not weighing myself throughout, but as of my last appointment, I hadn't gained anything yet. We'll see next Tuesday at my 12 weeks ultrasound how I've been doing lately!

  6. You're doing great! Good goals. When is your birthday? Mine is the 19th!

  7. Congrats! The most important thing is to listen to your body- and it seems like you're doing a great job at that. I'm very curious to see what losing (or trying to lose) 22 pounds in the first 6 months of being a mom will be like. Especially the effect that that kind of weight loss has on your ability to breastfeed. Will you try and keep us posted on that as well!Good luck and congrats again!

  8. HOW IS SHE TWO WEEKS OLD ALREADY??? šŸ™‚ I'm going to do WWW too – I have gained 5 lbs more so far this preg than either of my previous ones, and I feel like I need to be better about keeping that under control.I do think you'll be able to meet your goal – I gained 37lbs with #1 (plus 23lbs to get pg in the first place!) and managed to lose 43 by 6mo pp without doing anything different from normal. (normal for me being exercising 3-4 days a week [ice hockey, biking, and weight lifting] and not snacking much).Also, how much water is "a glass?" I found I needed to drink a full water bottle each time I nursed = 24oz! (I find I need to drink about a gallon a day while pg too, so a little more for nursing).

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