Stella Times…Week 3 – Happy Birthday Daddy!

Dear Miss Stella,

I cannot believe you are three weeks old already! Your Daddy turned 30 today, and when your Auntie Jaime called this morning and asked what you got your Dad for his birthday, he laughed and said “a poopy diaper!” Good job little one. LOL. Somehow turning 30 isn’t nearly as scary now that you’re in our lives.

This past week marked your first Christmas, and you were SO blessed to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with every single one of your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and your cousin Jonah, even though most of them live 1,000+ miles away in MN. How cool is that?! Everyone thought you were pretty perfect of course. πŸ™‚

Black shirts on the left are your Mommy’s family members, and colored shirts are your Daddy’s family!
After Mommy bawled her eyes out staring at you during the Christmas Eve church service!

All of my siblings left town on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning Grandpa and NanaMama packed up the car to head back up to Minnesota as well. They will both miss you SO much. They arrived in town when you were just 4 days old and left just yesterday when you were 20 days old, so they’ve been here for the vast majority of your life! We all cried when they left…

3 generations! 
Cuddling with Grandpa

This week you are already staying much more alert. You’ll keep your blue eyes open and just stare around you, checking out the world. Sleep has been a bit of a trial – one night you’ll do great, only waking up to eat every 3-4 hours, and the next night you’ll want to eat every 1-2 hrs and be fussing in-between. You sleep the best when you’re cuddled in bed with us, so for Mommy’s sanity and Daddy’s sleep, you’ve been spending a lot more time than we originally intended curled right up in bed with us. I gotta say, even when I’m exhausted, I’m smitten with all the little “baby noises” you make while you sleep. You’re pretty darn cute. πŸ™‚

You totally love bath time. Right now we’re only bathing you maybe twice a week (the air is SO dry here in Colorado, so normally a little daily spot cleaning of the neck and face and a good bum cleaning is all you need). However, every time we put you in the tub on the kitchen counter, you instantly go calm and wide eyed and just look around. I wish I knew what you were thinking!

Newborn clothes are still fitting you, but you’re definitely maxing out the length in the one-piece sleepers. You are long, girl! A few 0-3 month outfits will work on you, though most pretty much swallow you up.  I’m sure they’ll fit you soon enough though. We’re still in NB diapers as well, though I’m guessing we’ll be switching to 1s in the next week or two. Hopefully we’ll be switching to cloth diapers shortly after that! In the meantime, we’re working on getting Daddy to remember to (1) close the lid on the wipes so they don’t dry out, and (2) to put the fresh diaper underneath you before removing the 1st one so you quit peeing all over the changing table and on your clothes. πŸ™‚

Tonight for your Daddy’s birthday celebration, we’ll be hanging out and Linc & Jord’s with a bunch of our friends, most of whom haven’t met you yet. I can’t wait to see your Daddy showing you off. He is so proud of his little girl.

We both love you so, so much.


–ps, Just as I was getting ready to hit “publish” on this post, you had the most explosive diaper ever (and yes, we heard it happen)! It ended up all over your daddy, actually soaking through both his flannel and long sleeved shirt. Funniest. Thing. Ever.


  1. One of the best posts of the year πŸ™‚ Happy birthday to your dh! Love all the shots of Stella in her christmas gear πŸ™‚

  2. So absolutely precious!!! I love the pictures!!! She is so beautiful! Happy birthday C!!!

  3. She is so yummy! πŸ™‚ I started tearing up at you bawling your eyes out during the service. I TOTALLY would be crying too. Just such an amazing moment for you Im sure πŸ™‚

  4. I just love reading your updates!! My little Blake is only 5 weeks ahead of Stella and it makes me think back of all of those sweet times that have already passed! Don't take them for granted! (I know, everyone says that, but it is so true!) What a sweet baby girl!

  5. she is such a cutie pie! I think I am going to try to join your weekly weigh ins since I am finally trying to drop the dreaded baby weight and then some!

  6. She has such a dark skin tone, you can really see it in the photo with her and your husband…and she is so freaking cute!! I love the joy that just exudes from this post, it's infectious!

  7. That is so cool that all your family was able to be around for so long. Happy Birthday to C!

  8. She's so teeny! I love it when they're that small!You look and sound so happy! *hugs*

  9. OMG McMister ALWAYS forgets to close the wipes and dries them out. Still! After 15 months!And once in the very beginning we Gracie was about Stella's age, maybe even younger, she started peeing and during the diaper change and McMister tried to catch it in his hands!Laughing hysterically, I asked him what he was doing and he said he did want to get the fabric all wet. "They're made to get wet babe. And we have a few others for just this occasion," I told him with his hands covered in pee.

  10. My comment didn't post yesterday, but good thing because I wouldn't have come back and saw that AWESOME picture of Stella smiling up at daddy. I die.My question yesterday, is how logistically did ALL of your family come visit you guys for Christmas? You are so loved.

  11. Um, that's hilarious and she is SO CUTE! I can't believe she is here! She's so small and cuddly! I want mine! So yah, once I do, I will link up to your weightloss wednesday or whatever you call it. SO ready to feel "normal" again…

  12. Love the pics of your husband with her! Dads and daughters are precious.Also, if you figure out how to get your husband to close the darn top of the wipes, let me know!

  13. Your daughter is adorable. CongratsNew follower

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