Starting off the New Year with a … Cry?

Sooo…umm…yeah. I think reality is finally setting in for us here. Like I mentioned the other day, we’ve had family here for the majority of Stella’s life (day 4 – day 22) which means lots of arms to hold the baby, and very little in the way of routine. Now, after just two days alone, I am beat. For the most part, she has always been a decent sleeper at night (waking up every three hours or so to eat), but for the past two days, she has been super discontent and fussy, which means I am totally exhausted. She is wanting to eat all the time, but then falls asleep eating and/or spits up a ton, and wakes up shortly hungry again since she didn’t eat much. We’ve tried making sure her diaper is dry, she’s burped, she’s not too hot/cold, etc… but we’re just not sure how to soothe her. I’ve read that babies often have growth spurts around three weeks and six weeks, and I’m praying that’s what this is and that it passes soon, because I am starting to lose my mind. So far, the majority of this year has consisted of me staring at her perfect little features, telling her how much I love her, and crying because I don’t know how to make her stop crying.


  1. What a way to start off a new year!Hopefully it's just a growth spurt, does she have any other reflux type of issues?

  2. 🙁 Awww. I'm sure the new mommy thing is tough! All you want to do is "fix it" and Im sure sometimes all you can do is have a good cry. I hope things get better soon! 🙂

  3. I had a handful of days like that with E and I still think it was a growth spurt. Hopefully that's what it is and she will be back to happy soon. Hang in there. Xoxo

  4. Yeah, sounds like a growth spurt. Taylor cried nonstop for her first NINE WEEKS. There were times I had to put her down and walk away.But, it definitely got better.Plus, your Stella is beautiful, so I bet she's even adorable when crying!

  5. I agree it sounds like a growth spurt. Days like these are so trying and probably harder on mommy than baby. You'll get into a routine and hopefully the fussy days will be few and far between.

  6. Those days are so hard. I beat myself up trying to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. There really isn't anything. Babies cry. Try to soothe her, but don't feel as though each cry means you are failing.It gets sooooo much better at 6 weeks and then 9 and again at 12. Hang in there.

  7. I agree with the other posters, it definitely seems like a growth spurt! Nolan gets crazy hungry and fussy when he's going through them. What seems to work is using the bjorn and walking around with him, that might work for Miss Stella too! and sometimes if you're upset it can make her upset too, if you feel like you're getting too upset, take a break and step outside for some fresh air, or call a friend for a few minutes. then come back and start over again, maybe listen to a calming song. she will be ok if she is crying for a minute or two, long enough to get yourself calm!

  8. oh honey. I am so sorry, but it does get better. I promise. You will sleep again one day. You will be able to leave the house/clean/make dinner again soon. I would check with the ped about reflux. You never know. It probably is a growth spurt. At times, I have felt like the twins were in a growth spurt for a month or They started to sleep through the night 8-7 at around 3 1/2 months. I have some tips for you when you need them. We adhered to strict schedule for the first 4-5 months and it has paid off. I am sure that it is easier to feed on demand with one, but i couldn't do it. Good luck! This too shall pass.

  9. Awww those moments are SO hard. It breaks your heart to see them cry and you just want to make it better but don't know how! It's probably just a growth spurt. Just sleep when she does and don't beat yourself up. It's ok and you are a great mom! 🙂

  10. One of the most important things I've learned in 8 1/2 months of being a mom is to repeat over and over to myself that every difficult phase will end!You're probably getting tons of advice, and so if you don't want any more, just stop reading :). And there's a huge chance that this advice wouldn't help at all. But if you do want something to try and just want to focus on one thing, I wonder if it would help to really focus on getting her a full feed every time she eats. As in, at least 20 minutes, probably even more. It's sooo hard at that age to keep them awake long enough, but you can try changing her diaper between sides, and (my magic trick) squeezing your boob into her mouth so she gets an extra squirt of milk to wake her up. This might help her stretch out how long she goes between feeds, which might also help with the stomach upset and spitting up. Just a thought, and, like I said, please ignore it if it doesn't help!

  11. It's totally normal! There will be quite a few growth spurts in the first few months- can you feed side-lying? I found that was the only way I got any rest. We had a colic baby and I thought I was going to run away and never return! It will pass!

  12. Geekette wouldn't eat very much and spit up a lot as well. She would also fall asleep of I nursed her. But after some time it got better. I promise it will for you as well.

  13. we had out of town company the first three weeks of maryanne's life, and it was exhausting. i also blame our initial breastfeeding troubles on having everyone here (but don't tell anyone). once everyone left, it was SUCH a sigh of relief. because our families waited for our baby along with us, we couldn't deny their visits/excitement, but it was heavenly when it was just our family of three in our house. HUGS!

  14. I feel like I just wrote these posts about crying. It gets better, I promise. If she is crying and you can't console her, try running the vacuum, that saved us quite a few times. Good luck!

  15. Roman went through a growth spurt around 3 weeks and did the same thing. For a few night he would want to cluster feed for a few hours. Every time she is crying do you try feeding her? I have found the majority of the time Roman cries it's because he is hungry and I try not to focus on how long it's been since the last feeding. We also have the fussiness and I have found he has gas. Gas drops have helped so much!

  16. I was actually going to email you and ask how it was going since the parents left. You'll get through this growth spurt and things will get easier… then another will happen. But don't worry, they spread out :)Also, it may be rough at first without your parents, but soon it will be nice to be able to get into a routine as a family unit. It'll feel so good to learn to make things work, just the three of you. Your love for her and for your husband will grow immensely once you settle into your new (and MUCH improved) family unit.

  17. Does she wake up screaming/crying? it might be reflux…Caroline had it and I should have known..She spit up after every feeding, a lot. And she'd wake up screaming. It had been so long since I had Elizabeth that I didn't realize there was something amiss. Plus C wouldn't sleep on her back-it made the reflux worse.I hope you're getting naps here and there. It gets easier…

  18. You are a great mom. You are doing a great job. Stella has everything she needs. (Sometimes you just need to hear that. Repeat as needed. <3)

  19. We had the same thing happen – all the extra arms left right around the 3 week growth spurt. It will pass. And this seems completely counter intuitive, but try just laying her down when she's fussy and nothing seems to work. Sometimes when Simon got really cranky he just wanted to be left alone – which we only figured out accidentally after trying everything under the sun to soothe him, and put him down to get away for a few minutes.

  20. I'm sorry you're having kind of a rough time right now.. I hope it's just a growth spurt.. Our pediatrician mentioned the signs to look for with colic, and now I'm all paranoid.. I hope things begin to ease up for you guys soon.. It's heartbreaking when they cry, and you feel helpless 🙁

  21. My friend told me that he and his wife wants to write a book called "It's just a fucking growth spurt!". Luckily he gave me some warning that infant-life consists of changes every couple weeks. You think you have them figured out and then they change again. You will get through this. It can be rough and hard to get rid of those feelings of worry. It will get better.

  22. Aww, I wish I could be there to help you! It would be overwhelming to go from so many people, to just you and Charlie…I don't think there was any way around that. Hopefully she settles into a routine soon, and this growth spurt slows down too. You are both learning more about each other every day…it will get easier. So far you're an AMAZING mom! xo

  23. Aww well I hope she gets back to her routine soon. She's had a lot of attention from birth maybe she's re-adjusting to less people being around. (I don't even know if that's plausible, I'm just guessing here)

  24. Awwwww..I can't imagine how hard the new mommy deal is, I'm sure, well I hope things will get better for you soon..I have no doubt you are rocking your new role though! Man, is she gorgeous!

  25. Aww yes. I remember those days although you'll be happy to know the memory of those HARD days and nights gets fuzzier every week that goes by. I remember the first 2 weeks thinking that I must have THE best baby in the world because she was so easy (well, easier than I expected). We were in awe of her… we would just stare at her with wonder and say to ourselves, "this is so much easier than I thought it would be. What was everyone complaining about?"Then she woke up and started screaming. I thought I was going to lose it daily, but it passed – it always does.You're doing a great job. You are providing her with everything she needs and wants. Sometimes they just cry for no reason, could be a growth spurt. This too shall pass.

  26. Oh, and N is so right… just when you get them figured out they change again!!! So true.

  27. If you're looking for suggestions, I'd try reading / implementing some of the Happiest Baby on the Block techniques. Also, I found that sitting on an exercise ball with a boppy around my waist to support the baby (avoiding major back tiredeness) and bouncing up and down worked wonders for calming them down when they were fussy. With A in particular, DH and I used to spend just about every evening that way.If you're not looking for suggestions but just commiseration, know that you are NOT alone, most babies seem to be angels for the first two-three weeks when they still act very much like they did in utero, and then they start to be more affected by the world we live in as their brains develop… it WILL get better. Promise, cross my heart. xoxox.

  28. Our baby is crying just so I will breastfeed whether it's time or not and he can fall asleep that way- in his happy spot. I am trying to get him back in the pack-n-play for naps so that I can take care of some things and it is hard… I am sympathizing with you here! I can't stand to see or hear him cry and other people have advised me "just let him cry it out" Ugh. I did put a heating pad in the pack-n-play this morning and warmed it up before that nap and he stayed there for about 45 minutes so we are making progress. Let us know if you come up with any good "tricks." Also, the swing has been a lifesaver! Wish you the best!

  29. Get the DVD "The Happiest Baby on the Block" if you haven't yet. MIRACLE STUFF for soothing.Do you swaddle her? Johnny always calmed down when he was really tightly swaddled.

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