Pumping Session #1

I started writing this post on Monday, but my computer is no longer working and our iPad doesn’t work with blogger correctly for writing posts, so my posting is going to be pretty sparse until a new computer is purchased and delivered. I feel LOST!!

As you can probably tell by the picture above, I started pumping on Monday morning after Stella ate about 7am. Not bad – about 2oz total for the first day! Tuesday was just under 1oz total (she had just eaten a ton on both sides), and today (Wed) was about 2 1/2 oz total. Apparently 1/2 – 2 oz total is normal for pumping totals, especially in the beginning, so I’m pretty happy with my numbers!

As I type this, Charlie is home with her trying to give her the first bottle ever (the small one from yesterday), and *fingers crossed* that she has no problems with it, OR with switching back to my boobs. She’ll be 4w tomorrow, and it would be SO nice if I could get away for more than 45 minutes at a time to run errands.

Don’t get me wrong – I actually love the connection I feel when she’s breastfeeding, and I love looking down at her in the middle of the night as she eats – I seriously do. I just miss a little bit of the freedom, and I know my husband would honestly love to be able to feed her sometimes!

On a totally selfish note, it’s my 30th birthday two weeks from Friday, and the goal is to have enough pumped and to have a baby who takes bottles easily enough that grandma can watch her and my husband and I can go out for a nice dinner and drinks!!

If anyone is wondering, check out the website below if you’re having any issues/questions regarding breastfeeding and pumping. It’s SO amazingly helpeful! Kellymom.com


  1. I hope Stella figures it out and you can enjoy the time off for your birthday dinner.

  2. You poor girl I would be lost without my computer! The biggest issue we had with Emily taking a bottle was the nipple being way too fast. Dr browns is the slowest we have found good luck!

  3. My mac got stolen last year and I was crushed because I couldn't be on a computer whenever I wanted. I hope you get on soon. Good Luck with pumping hope you can have a few drinks on your big 30 birthday!

  4. I left a kind of awesome comment here a little bit ago (if I do say so myself) but for some reason it wouldn't go though and when I tried to go back it deleted it. I'm having trouble recreating the awesomeness, but it had something to do with a booby dance and your girls being made for milking.Boo on the computer problems!

  5. way to go with the bf'ing – I totally want to do that so I'm reading all these posts with a lot of interest ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Way to go on the pumping! That site is awesome…I refer to it all the time. And yea for turning 30!! It'll be my turn in about 2 months…surely Blakely will take a bottle by then???

  7. Oh, you are just at the beginning and will become a certified milkmaid in no time. I just had to start freezing my 'product' because I didn't think I'd get thru it all in 6 days. And that's after icing and binding for two weeks trying to make it go away!

  8. Beautiful breastfeeding picture! One of my favorite things is having DH taking pictures of me breastfeeding Ant in different places. I have a little collection. I am sure you will have enough milk for her by your birthday!(I don't know if I told you already but I am still breastfeeding Ant and he will be 2 in less then 2 months…love the bonding of breastfeeding!)

  9. Eeeeww! lol Oh the things I get to look forward to in the coming months ;)HS

  10. You are a pumping machine! I can only get like 1/2oz-1oz! When do you pump to not interfere with actual feeding?

  11. Gooner never experienced nipple confusion and hopefully Stella won't either!!! Ugh, I LOVED breast feeding, but oh boy, in the beginning it feels ridiculous! I felt like I was always in the car or a fitting room feeding her. In the end I found pumping a hassle since you have the whole supply issue anyway. And I hating pumping and throwing! It was annoying and just not worth it… For ME! If it works for you, all the power sister!

  12. That pic of you breastfeeding your baby is so beautiful! I love how you're looking at her – it just looks so sweet! ๐Ÿ™‚

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