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Right around the same time I got pregnant, a bunch of IF bloggers I follow did as well (take that IF!). It was so fun to follow along with all of their pregnancies, though a little surreal to see so many of us doing it so closely together. I follow nearly 100 IF bloggers, and after 2+ years, they are in many different stages of this journey. Some are PAIF (parenting after infertility), some are pregnant, some are still stuck in the TTC/adoption waiting game hell, and some have taken a break and/or decided to live child free. Usually a couple ladies a month on my list will see that elusive BFP, but it is only that – a couple. Last March/April on the other hand, 14 of those on my list (including me) finally saw BFPs, 4 within a day or two of me.

HFS. That is weird, right?!

At any rate, I’ve been loving reading through the plethora of different birth stories recently and seeing how different the experience can be for each and every one of us and our babies.

All of the rambling above to say… I pray every day that we all make it to that PAIF list. Each and every one of you deserve it. <3

*Shannon @ Keeping Up with the Cardwells – You got your BFP 10 days before me, and I’ve long been sad that you went private and I don’t know how to reach you to find out how your pregnancy went!! I see you comment on my blog sometimes, but I can’t return the favor or email b/c your profile and email are private. Please contact me if you see this!

My beautiful little 1 month old IF miracle. HFS.


  1. Crazy that she's already a month old!! IF seems to be the longest game of hell, pregnancy seems to go fast, and once they get here, it seems to go by even faster!

  2. I cannot wait! we are expecting our IVF miracle in April! a baby girl like yours.HS

  3. Holy canoly! Has it been a month already? WOW! Time flies..and I'm still standing. Glad to see baby Stell and you are doing great!

  4. NEW BACKGROUND! <3Even though I don't even know who your bloggy friends are or who you all follow, I still like to send out some good vibes and hope to to the elusive "them"/your fellow IFers Jos. You and C struggling with IF was such an eye-opening experience for all of us even though it was YOU going through it, and I thank God for how lucky we are to have Stella in our lives! I hope many many more little RockStars can find their ways into the hearts and lives of IFers everywhere. So much love to go around.

  5. Seriously, Jos, she is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. Not even kidding.You two did good work.

  6. Can you believe the girls are already a month old??? It's going by so fast. I hope you are getting to enjoy her as much as we are enjoying Raegan.I did think it was weird there were so many of us IFers who were due right around the same time. Amazing how things work like that. My first pregnancy in November of 2010 (which was my first real pregnancy ending in miscarriage), there were a bunch of BFP's too. All my other cycles have only had a few. Very weird…I'm praying for all those still struggling too…I'll be back in the game again late summer/early fall. We'll have to see what happens then.Happy One Month Birthday Stella!!!

  7. That is so awesome to hear, about all of the BFPs!! I know while I was waiting to get mine the BFPs seemed to come in cycles where a bunch of people would get them at once and then nothing for months.

  8. I totally remember that phase of BFPs and at the time I just kept hoping I would join your club. I am so excited that you are all enjoying your babies now:) I did join the club a few months later:) I'm due in like 7 1/2 weeks! And ok serioulsy… How cute is that baby girl of yours???!!! I read your blog all the time and love it!!!!

  9. Seeing your beautiful Stella makes me just giddy about our IUI miracle coming in July! šŸ™‚ I can't believe we beat IF! Your daughter is beautiful. Thank you for helping me during my IF journey!! šŸ™‚

  10. She's just too beautiful!! I'm probably not on your list that you follow, but I was right there with you! I'm just a mere 5 weeks ahead of you with my little boy! But I agree, there are so many people around me that were struggling that have now had that BFP! God is good! šŸ™‚

  11. So happy to be one of those 14 and happily celebrating every BFP since then!!! Thanks so much for being a source of encouragement and information each step of the way! Still believing for some of our IF sisters waiting on that news! Loving your pretty in pink sweet girl:]

  12. What a sweet pic! I can't believe she's a month old! You were one of the very first IF blogs I started to read when we first found out we were having trouble TTC, Now almost a year later its so inspiring to see a success story! šŸ™‚ Hoping for ours soon! šŸ™‚

  13. She is tooooo cute šŸ™‚

  14. I was just thinking the other day how many of us got pregnant within months of eachother and now we all have babies šŸ™‚ Stella is just so sweet, I love her!!

  15. already a month?! geezzz

  16. She's beautiful!!

  17. I think it is awesome that there are so many baby miracles all around! Woohoo she's pretty!

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