Happy Birthday Momma (now known as Nana Mama!)

I’m still without computer (the new one should hopefully arrive tomorrow!!), so I’m down at my old office and just going to quickly direct you to my family blog if you want to see a couple cute videos of Stella “saying” happy birthday to my Mom this morning and playing on her floor mat. If you’d rather avoid yet another baby-centric post (sorry, I can’t help it!), I promise to be back soon to more regularly scheduled programming about various assorted topics including, but not limited to, my vagina, my boobs, and my huge fear of having sex and a horrific hangover for my 30th birthday on Friday. Uff da.

Stay tuned… 🙂

Big thanks to Stephanie @ Blawnde’s Blawg for the onesie (FYI, it says “Made in Colorado” – how very true)! …and sorry to all of the other bloggers who sent adorable onesies that I haven’t posted pics of her in yet, though to my credit a lot of them were 3-6mo sizes so she just doesn’t fit into them yet. I’ll try to get better about that!


  1. Looking forward to your posts! She's adorable as ever!!! Where did you get here little boppy? I *love* it!!!

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  3. I was deathly afraid of sex as well! Still sort of am although it is getting better 😉 Super cute babe you got there!

  4. Sweet, then I didn't miss it!!!

  5. Don't worry. I'm deathly afraid of sex and Gracie's 16 months old. And I'm pregnant again.

  6. Love her jean skirt!Fear of sex and a hangover. Lol!

  7. Her lil jean skirt is killing me 🙂 Happy Birthday to Nana Mama! And happy bday to you? This fri or last fri?? 🙂

  8. Love, love the picture!! Ugh…sex…enough said.

  9. Oh man, she is so cute, love her denim skirt too! I can't wait for you to be back at blogging!

  10. Having sex the first time is like ripping off a bandaid, LOL! I still haven't been brave enough to have more than two beers….I'm too scared to be hung over with a baby!

  11. Of course we want baby centric… What else would we want? 😉

  12. i just can't get over how beautiful she is! keep the pics coming. 🙂 hope you had a fantastic birthday!

  13. Omg that lil skirt is too cute 🙂 She is adorable 🙂

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