Music is Magical

I’m happy to report that so far my daughter seems to like my taste in music! Well, who am I kidding, I really like everything music related (and I hope she will too), but at home I tend to have “coffeehouse rock” on and in the car is “hits 1.” The louder I play it and sing it, the happier she is, and at home, throwing dancing in that mix works wonders too. This is surprising, considering I am a horrible dancer. She luckily doesn’t see to mind. Sh has also discovered the joys of her musical light-up bouncy seat this week, which gives me time to do things like cook breakfast! Fun times. 🙂 

Gosh I love music, though not as much as I love Stella…and her adorable cheeks too! 


  1. Stumbled on over here from "pajamas." Your little Stella is adorable. Had J been a o+ he may have been Estelle.Looking forward to following you! 🙂

  2. Pandora toddler radio. It's the soundtrack to my days!

  3. We have that same bouncy seat! Just a warning, you will find yourself humming those damn songs! Ha Her little giggles and smiley faces are too cute!

  4. so sweet!

  5. She is soooooooooooo cute!!!! She makes the same noises and squirms as Tristan. I could watch those videos on repeat and my smile wouldn't fade. Something about a newborn baby that is just so fresh and exciting. 🙂

  6. Stella is just too cute! And look at that pic of her sleeping she looks so deep in thought like she's trying to figure out the world. Love the furrowed forehead and chubby cheeks!

  7. Holy crap. I am vercletmpt! Her face is one of utter amazement….it's so precious! She is growing so fast Josey! And she looks so happy and healthy! Proud of you!

  8. OMG! So cute! I love her little squeals. She looks so much like you btw. Same eyes 🙂

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