Get a Haircut, and Get a Real Job

That’s right, I took the job!!! HFS. I’m starting at 8am MST today, the exact time this is posting, and now I’m seriously considering the haircut. I haven’t had my hair colored in a couple of years (an expense that got cut thanks to TTC/IF bills), though I have had serious length chopped off a couple of times in the past year… but I’m considering a more drastic style change now.

My BFF from childhood (girl on the right below in case that isn’t obvious) sent me a pic of her new ‘do the other day, and I really love it. The shorter, pieceier look is so cute and SEEMS like it’d be quick and easy. Does anyone else have hair like this and like it, love it, or hate it? Why?

I’m just petrified that I’ll chop it and miss my long hair (not that my hair is super long now, but it’s finally starting to grow out some).

And now, for a poll, because leaking is dead sexy…

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The correct answer will be shared tonight! 🙂


  1. I've had a reverse bob (I think is what you call it) for a few years now and like it. I just got my hair cut a few weeks ago and she cut a little too much off, but it grows fast so oh well. The only thing I've noticed with my cut is that since the top layers are shorter, if I don't style it after showering (I only wash my hair every other day) the bottom layers flip out and I don't like that. But if you have a longer chunkier cut like what you posted, you may not have that issue. I say do it! I love getting a new do!

  2. Good luck Josey with the new job! You will do great. And each day will get easier I'm sure adjusting to being away from Stella 🙂 From what I've heard the first few days are the hardest! You kick ass at everything you do, so doubt you will get through this too 🙂 And good luck with the hair. I think a bob would be so cute and a nice change!!! Go for it!

  3. Good luck today on the new job. Can't wait to see how you hair turns out.

  4. Two things – Regarding the haircut – just do it. 🙂 Hair keeps growing, love it or hate it. You are FEARLESS in all aspects of your life, why not give it a try. Second – this is about the time of day we usually talk on Skype and I did not realize how much I have come to look forward to that time seeing and hearing Stella-Bella. And you, of course. hehe. So, like you, I am going to throw myself into my work today, the time will pass quickly, and then imagine the joy of seeing her smiling at you when you pick her up after work. Change is always hard but often good. love yousxxMom

  5. Love this haircut… Luck with the job and whatever you decide about the hair! You are going to do great at finding a balance with everything, you know- the kind of person the rest of us love to hate- lol, just kidding… excited for you and can't wait to hear how it goes! Please remind me of this same advice in 4 weeks… our babies will be fine, it's the mommy who needs the reassurance!

  6. I had my haircut like that for a while, I loved it and it was so easy. I've grown it long now and it is a pain. I'll e-mail you the picture.

  7. I wore nursing pads every second of every day and night the entire year and one week that I nursed Gracie. My friend thought I was crazy and said she hadn't worn them since the very beginning. But about 10 and a half months in, I was wearing a weird shirt or something and the pad slipped and I had a nice big wet nipple mark on my shirt. :)As for the haircut, do it! I always think people look better when they cut their hair, even when they look great before like you.

  8. I wear nursing pads CONSTANTLY. Some days they end up dry. Some days I'm glad they were there.Funny story – I work out at work and I keep nursing pads in my sports bra. Well, they shifted and I began to leak. I look down at my tank top and realize that I had wet boob circles. In front of 25 people. Who are my co-workers. Whoops.

  9. I have a hair cut like that I just got it highlighted this week. I love it!!! 🙂 I have to straighten my hair, otherwise it's absolute friz, so it's nicer having shorter hair. And the highlights just give it an extra spice, especially for a new mama. Takes away from the tired, glazed-over eyes. 🙂 I think you'd look great!!!

  10. Congrats on the new job – I'm very excited for you 🙂 The haircut would look great on you. I've had that cut several times and like it a lot. I have really curly hair though so I tend to keep it short. Helps prevent the Cheese Wedge look. Anyway, I say go for it. Hair does grow back 🙂 Maybe try to make it so you can pull it back somewhat still just in case. Can't wait to hear about your first day!

  11. Haha, that second picture is the same exact one that I bring in when I get my hair cut. Love it. The last time that I got it done, she made it a little more rounded than I like, so I have to straighten it a little but it's still a great cut.

  12. Good luck with your job….As for the hair cut, I like the picture in the middle…I think you would look super cute with that cut…and professional too 🙂 the good news is if your hair is starting to grow out some, getting it cut now is a good thing…it'll grow back faster if you don't like it lolAs for leaking…I have awesomely absorbant pads…these washable organic cotton ones…I don't remember their name, but knock on wood I haven't had a leaky issue since I started wearing them 🙂

  13. Good luck with the new job!!My hair is short and layered like that…however, I can't really say if this is easy to manage, because I have a curly white girl fro. So, nothing I do with my hair is ever easy. However, it is easier for me because it doesn't curl as much and falls in a way that makes me look less like Gene Wilder.

  14. I hope your first day went fabulous 🙂 And, as far as your hair goes??? I say CHOP IT OFF!! I had hair down to my butt, and chopped it all off at once.. I just went for it.. I LOVED it, and have loved it ever since.. I don't even miss my long hair.. It's super easy, and less time consuming.. Besides, it's just hair, and if ya don't like it, it'll grow 🙂 Can't wait to see what you decide 🙂

  15. Good luck with your new job! I have a feeling you would look great with any hair!

  16. That is a very cute haircut, and I say try it! It will definitely grow fast if you don't like it, but I think it will look great with your natural hair color you've been sporting. I always found short hair more difficult to style than long, but it's always fun to get a haircut to get that pulled together look.

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