Stella Times…Week 9

Hey Baby Baby!

I’m typing this up the night before you turn nine weeks old because holy crap, I have no extra time now that I’m working in an office 4x/week. So far, so good… I’ve missed you like crazy, but one of the advantages to living in a small town of < 1,000 people is that our home, your daycare, and my office are all 5 minute drives from each other (or 10-15 minute walks once it’s nice out!), so every day at lunch I pop over to see you and breastfeed. I figure I’d rather be holding YOU my dear than be hooked up to that dang pump again. It’s all worth it though – I’m so happy that I’m working a job that will allow me make some extra money to pay our bills AND be super flexible to allow me to pump milk for you AND go see you during the day! It definitely makes me appreciate all my minutes with you even more. Now Daddy and I have to fight over our cuddle time with you in the evenings. 🙂

Thursday was your first time Skyping with your Blogger Auntie Ann. She and I had beers and chatted while you were cute and filled your pants. It was a great conversation. She calls you Peanut and was so excited about your arrival!

Then last Friday was my first day of work and first time leaving you for more than an hour, and WOW was it hard to not cry as I drove away from your daycare lady’s house. That was part of the reason I had so many beers Thursday night – I was so scared to leave you with anyone else, but you did great!

Luckily, the day went by quickly, and after I picked you up, we got to hang out with your daddy’s buddies who live a block away from daycare. You are always the star of the show. 🙂

Every day you love more and more to face out and check out the world, so on Saturday we tried sitting you up in your Bumbo. You loved it for a hot minute, but then decided you’d rather we hold you and walk you around to check out things. I think you’ll like it more once you can hold up your head straight for longer periods of time. Your neck is already getting SO strong though, and you are incredibly alert and curious about what is going on around you. It’s fun to see you actually noticing your surroundings. 🙂

It was Superbowl Weekend, and even though you had some tummy troubles that made you pretty cranky, everyone still thought you were extremely adorable!

Monday…oh Monday, Monday… that was your meltdown day. The stomach issues of Sunday (well, we think that was what was wrong with you anyway) had not gotten better, and you had many a meltdown that occurred without warning and involved full-on hysterical screaming. Thank God your cry still sounds like that newborn cry (though it has gotten MUCH louder), so in Target the people looked at me with amused, caring, and slightly concerned gazes instead of derision. You would get yourself so worked up you had no idea why you were crying anymore, and it is SOOO Hard for me to hear you cry like that. Thankfully, by the middle of the night, you and I spent quite a few hours awake while you pooped and farted, and you suddenly were all smiles and back to your happy, normal self. The only issue was that it was 2am and you were WIDE awake, but I was so happy to see you feeling good again that it was hard to care!
On Tuesday I stuck you in the Baby Bjorn for the first time so I could cook some supper when I got home from work. It’s easy to get on, but I think I like the Moby better for you – I just need to figure out how to tie it and put you in it with your new position of facing out!
I cannot explain to you how happy I am that you seem to love daycare. You’ve only been twice so far because your daycare’s lady’s kid had strep throat, so your Mommy’s good friend Marissa watched you for me instead on Tuesday (I was taking no chances that you would get sick my dear!), but by Wednesday you were back at Jen’s. She is great about timing your schedule so that you’re ready to eat when I come see you and happily sleeping when I leave. You are so darn cute.

You are officially two months old now, and that blows my mind. Two months ago I had no idea the joy you would bring to my life. People told me, but experiencing it has been unbelievable. I love you so, so much.



  1. Dang you are on the ball with these weekly updates! It takes all I have to do monthly ones 🙂 that's awesome you get to see her during lunch.

  2. Really, they don't get any cuter than Stella. So much personality and smiles. I can't believe she's two months already and growing up so strong!

  3. Psh, we Skyped for like 7.3 minutes when she was 4 weeks. :DShe's as adorable as ever. Love you all!!

  4. Her smiles are getting so big!! Adorable!

  5. You're a super-human, Josey. You're managing work, a baby, and you have perfect hair. I don't know how you do it. Also, I'm super glad you're writing these posts. They make my ovaries explode with happiness.

  6. Hahah we put Zack in his Bumbo for the first time too, and he loved it.. Don't they just look so teeny tiny it it?? She's so adorable and is changing by the week.. I'm glad your enjoying work too..

  7. Her smile is just adorable! It really sounds like you have a great routine set up, being able to work AND see Stella during the day!

  8. I'm seriously considering changing to a daycare much closer to my office for when I go back to work…and reading your posts makes me feel even more sure. I'm not actually breastfeeding, so I'll have to be on the pump anyway, but just seeing them in the beginning when I'm first returning to work I think will be helpful. She's SO cute, and I love the pic of her in the bjorn…so so happy!

  9. Happy two months, Stella.I use the Moby in the outward facing way and Taylor LOVES it. I figured out how to do it on youtube and it is actually really easy!

  10. Hi, Josey, and congrats on a gorgeous baby!I have been reading your blog in a while and I find it great. You know how parenting is a house a glass and there are a thousand and one ways of correctly doing the same thing and I am not throwing any stones here, just sharing what my own midwife shared with me about baby wearing.The outward position apparently is not very advisable, due to the baby anatomy. You can find more info about it on, in the about carrying section, if you want. Granted, it is a site selling baby carriers, but all the other info I have on this is in German. 🙂 It might well be stuff they say to sell their own products, but I don't see why one couldn't put the baby both ways in them if it were ok, so they convinced me about this. I did not get my baby carrier from them, if it matters. I have a manduca (also German, duh, I live here :-)) and a sling. Please don't take it as a criticism, it is definitely not. The Germans have a quite natural approach towards birthing and parenting, so they might be right on this one, and I thought you might want to know.Best of luck with everything!

  11. House OF glass not A… My typing is awesome, the tablet is against me though. 🙂

  12. Two months! She's getting so big! She's the cutest!

  13. 2 months yay!! It sounds like you have such a great routine going on- I'm happy it's all working out for you guys! I so wish Emily would let me put her in a carrier!

  14. Oh my goodness she is getting so big!!!

  15. I love how everything is so close so you can see and feed her during the day! You are on top of things mom, good job!

  16. she is soo adorable ! 🙂 we just started using the moby forward facing and raleigh grace enjoys it sooo much more that way! 🙂

  17. she is so cute and adorable!

  18. Stella is such a doll! I am glad that the start of work went smoothly and that Stella is liking daycare. I cannot imagine having to leave a crying baby!!

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