I Took the Plunge!

Well, today was a crazy, crazy day. My goal was to get it all done, and I did. I am seriously proud of this fact, because shit just takes longer now days, and that is a hard fact for me to get used to.

7am – Woke up (after sleeping in past 5:45 – yay!), brushed teeth, ate breakfast (these things don’t always all get done, oops), woke Stella up, changed her, nursed her, pumped, worked out, showered (with Stella), got ready, got out the door.

The goal was 11am – I was out the door at 10:58!

Drove 30 miles, went to the grocery store, the bank (meanwhile surviving an epic breakdown by Stella), the liquor store, and Target…drove 30 miles back home, unloaded groceries, and got to to the hairdresser’s by 2pm.

Done by 2:02pm!

My good friend Mary (who is 35w pregnant) was there for a pedicure, and she stayed in order to hold/entertain both the hairdresser’s baby and my child, who were born 3 weeks apart Too funny.  ðŸ™‚
Stella decided to sleep in a super awkward position, as always. 🙂 
 My hairdresser’s house – not a bad view!
 I then chopped off more hair then I left on… um yikes. 
Please excuse the no makeup look. That’s the look du jour lately. *sigh*

So far, the jury is out on what I think. I am definitely planning on going back for blonde highlights, and I need to learn how to style it. I think it will be good once I get used to it, but in the meantime, holy shit, it’s the shortest I’ve had my hair in 20 years!!

I finished out the day by stopping by my friend Marissa’s house and having a couple beers and some girl chat, and now I’m home while Charlie cooks a late dinner. What a day!


  1. I. Love. IT! Looks so fresh and young. I mean you are young. Much younger than I, but it flatters your features so much. Gorgeous! :)And ouch Stella! That photo gives me a neck ache. 🙂

  2. I love it!! LOVE IT. It is super flattering and cute. LOVE.

  3. LOVE IT! Oh my gosh it looks so cute!!!! And nice work on the busy day. We didn't even leave the house today hahaha. We did get in the car at one point, but after an always-thrilling car seat tantrum, Mommy decided we were no longer going anywhere.AGAIN, LOVE LOVE LOVE THE HAIR.

  4. Change is great and it looks great! Congrats on an amazing day. That is seriously impressive.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! I think you'll like it. And what a great day, getting so much accomplished. I didn't get my ass of the couch…

  6. Love the hair! Everytime my hair has been that short (alot) Ive loved it. I would have it like that always but my husband is apparently a caveman who likes his woman with long hair. (grunt). Oy. Yay for productive days!!

  7. I love it!!! Awesome pictures. Stella gets the award for the most flexible baby I've seen. What a cutie!

  8. Holy shit girl you did get a lot accomplished! (Liquor store being most important) I love your new hair!!!

  9. Adorable. I love the haircut!

  10. Quite the busy day! Way to go mama! Your hair looks sooo cute! I just chopped about 6 inches off mine. It takes some getting used to but I am liking how quickly I can blow dry it!

  11. I love the haircut – you look great!

  12. It looks fabulous!!! I have to bow down to you. I can't imagine trying to do all that with a baby. You are super woman. How did you find time to do all that, bf your little one, have a few beers…OMG. I'm jealous.

  13. I'm digging the hair cut!!! Don't you just love how Stella falls asleep? OMG I could swoon over her all day. She looks comfy even though to us it may look uncomfy.

  14. I love the hair! Sounds like your day was full of awesome accomplishments. I rarely get that much done on my own, so I think this was your way of telling us you are secretly SuperWoman. 🙂

  15. WOW! Looks fantastic! Stella is seriously stunning!

  16. Nice! Super impressed by everything you got done this AM…it's SO much harder with a baby, you should be really proud of yourself! Love the new haircut, too. Really cute!

  17. post-baby hair cut!! omg, I love it Jos! you look beautiful! 🙂

  18. You're cutting it and I'm growing it out! Very funny! I think it's looks great! Probably takes a bunch of weight off your shoulders! Can you still pull off a pony?And Stella! I love the way she's sleeping! Whatever works!

  19. So impressed with all you got done. I was happy with just showering and walking Cora by 11am LOL. LOVE the hair!!

  20. Your hair looks fab! 🙂

  21. Love the new cut! I also love Stella's sleeping position! Looks super comfy! 🙂

  22. So cute. You must have been so nervous. Doesn't it feel so healthy.

  23. Way to go mama!! That is a lot to accomplish in just a few hours. I love the haircut, and as a hairstylist myself, I think the highlights will make all the difference! Love it!

  24. Love the new hair cut! I am always soo nervous about cutting much length off of mine.

  25. Great hair cut, good choice. Wow, so much done in one day!

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