…and Color!

So I went back to the hairdresser’s tonight and she put some highlights in. I love it, though I look in the mirror and seriously, literally do not recognize myself. It’s a bizarre feeling.

The hair has looked like a different color in every different light I’ve been in. So far, so good!

I think my biggest issue will be learning HOW to do my hair. I’m a 30 year old woman who owns one bottle of hairspray (that I’ve had for years) and that is it. The style you see above was easy, yes, but required owning a couple of different products and a flat brush (is that even what they’re called? a paddle brush?). Once I procure those items, this can be a 5 minute dry and style, which I love. I just need to learn how to do it!! 


  1. Ooh, I didn't think it could look any better after the cut, but I LOVE the color! Hot mama!!

  2. Looks great!!

  3. Love it. You can also try a flat iron…I (with the giant white girl fro) only use a product to protect my hair from the heat and a flat iron. That may just be a white girl fro thing.

  4. Love your new look!! Looks amazing!!

  5. I love the color! The highlights make it look do sassy and the cut is already effortlessly sexy. Lookin' like one hot mama!

  6. You look like a movie star!

  7. Very nice!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! SO super cute!!! I wish I could keep up with a shorter style. I'm jut not very good at getting appointments to keep up with the regular cuts. You look fabulous!

  9. I love the color. It looks great!

  10. Fantastic hair! It's true, you don't look the same, but you look awesome!

  11. Yay!!! I love it 🙂 Short and sassy..and sexy!!!!

  12. You look great!! And a 5 minute style is KEY with a wee one around!

  13. Lookin' good hot Momma!

  14. Love!

  15. Looks fabulous! And you sound a lot like me in terms of hair stuff – I own one can of mousse which I never use, one hairdryer, a brush and a comb. I'm going to be chopping my hair off soon so I can donate it – hopefully I can pull off short as well as you do! (And find a quick and easy style too, that's super important!!)

  16. The highlights look great! I want to join the weekly weigh ins. I am going to try and do my post right now.

  17. Love it, don't highlights just make you feel better? You look great! By the way, I read comments on my e-mail but I'm not sure it is linked the way that you are talking about. How do you do that? Hope this has been a great working/pumping/baby-loving week for you! :]

  18. Looks great! Glad it will be easy once you figure it out! (My hair product is limited too so I feel you!)

  19. I like it! You look great!!HS

  20. Look at you, lookin' all cute and stuff. :)Practice, Practice, Practice. I didn't think I could ever round brush my hair on my own, but now I do it in a flash. It was so awkward at first.

  21. You look so freaking adorable with your new haircut. I love it!

  22. You look amazing!! And congrats on the continues weight loss!

  23. I am so far behind on blog reading, but….. HOLY CRAP!!! You look SO cute. LOVE the hair. Absolutely LOVE IT!!

  24. So pretty! It looks stylish and low maintenance.

  25. i love it! super cute!

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