Too Close to Home

Watching Parenthood from last night. 
I cannot imagine. 
All of it. 
God it’s hard. 


  1. I watched it too and sobbed. I can't even imagine. I saw it coming, yet somehow it still broke my heart. For both women. It was a hard episode to watch for sure. But yay for Crosby? lol.

  2. I cried like 8 times! Hubs was laughing at me. And also saying how much he hates that show. Lol.

  3. I saw it coming and I still cried. Couldn't handle it!

  4. I just watched it… Holy crap, that was a little more than my pregnant hormonal self could take.

  5. I just watched it last night too and wanted to go up to Ellen's bedroom, wake her up and snuggle. I feel so incredibly lucky to have her. I can't imagine how hard it would be, and I think the show did a great job of conveying the joy of a new life and the sorrow of the situation…

  6. I was watching and fell asleep! Did she end up keeping the baby???

  7. I cried almost every scene, and my husband said "boy, you are a wreck". It's nice to know that it got to others too. I love that show.

  8. Oh man I cannot imagine going through that. I was crying also and can't wait for next week.

  9. We don't have the TV on in front of Gracie (unless it's a random weekend sporting event or something). But I have a rule that if I'm home alone with her all day and McMister won't be back before dinner/bath/bed, I have it on from 5-6 to keep me company.Last night, at that time, I watched this week's Parenthood bc of your post. O.M.G. it's a good thing Gracie was awake and asking me to read her a different book every 2 and a half minutes; otherwise I would've been a blubbering mess! I mean, I still cried throughout the entire episode, but it wasn't awful, ugly-cry sobbing as it would've been if I was completely into it.

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