Stella Times…Week 11

My Dearest Daughter,

You are 11 weeks old today, and still – every single time I look down at you, I think about how I am so, so thankful that you are here and a part of our lives.  Every day. Every single day I think that.

Last Saturday you had your first fall, and it scared the crap out of all of us. I was sitting on the couch doing taxes, and you were laying next to me on the couch getting some sun. One minute you were there, and the next….*THUMP*…you weren’t. I looked over and you were face down on the floor next to the couch, and there was an awful split second of silence before the cry began. It. Was. Awful. Your poor Dad even thought I had dropped you! You didn’t want to quit crying, so to figure out if you were actually hurt or just shocked, I went into the bathroom and started the tub. You instantly stopped crying. *LOL* We still gave you a little tylenol, then a warm bath and a good nursing… and all was right in your world again. I am so, so sorry we let you fall baby.

Later that day, your Papa S called to have us meet him for a beer, so your Daddy went down there and you and I walked down to meet him. Papa S was stoked to get to hold you and get some Stells bells cuddle time. ๐Ÿ™‚

You picked that afternoon to start talking and talking and talking as well – everyone in the restaurant kept coming up to us and commenting about how darn cute it was how much you liked to talk! I hope people always think that. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

After we got home, we tried putting you down in the crib because you were fast asleep. That lasted about 90 seconds – you do not like that big, open space (and I gotta say, I don’t like how tiny you look in there – you look much more comfy snuggled up in my arms!).

On Monday I got my hair chopped off… I barely recognize myself, but it is SO much easier to handle with you in my life – not to mention the awesome side benefits that you can no longer puke in it or pull on it while you’re nursing. ๐Ÿ™‚

You are becoming more and more expressive every week, my child. You’ll give me a little pensive look, followed quickly by the biggest grin. I love it!

You started finding your thumb this week, though you only do it when your Dad is cuddling with you while I cook dinner. I haven’t managed to get a great picture of it yet, but your Daddy and I both kinda like that you can self soothe yourself a little now, plus you’re darn cute doing it!

At night, you’re starting to go longer and longer stretches without waking up to eat, and even when you do, it’s usually a quick 10 minute snack and you’re back out cold. This allows me to get more and more sleep, which I really appreciate.

You’re just a pretty awesome baby all around, my dear. ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Oh no poor Stella! That had to be so scary!! She is so cute Josey!

  2. Ugh! Their first fall SUCKS! Iโ€™m glad the bath made it all better!! Sheโ€™s adorable!

  3. How is your husband so damn tan in the middle of winter??? I'm jealous! Glad the fall was nothing, but I'm sure your heart stopped for a minute. Love all the pink she's in!

  4. You are so good at doing these updates! I'm so glad she was okay after the fall, I'm sure your heart skipped a beat. Tough girl, does she get that from mom? Btw, you need your "new do" on the profile pic! Happy times, she is beautiful!

  5. She's getting so big. She looks like she's an archer in the first picture. You could photoshop her into an adorable little "cupid".

  6. Hi Stella! Oh my, poor everyone after her fall! Im sure it was so scary! That is one of my FEARS. Glad the baby girl is ok.

  7. As the mother of a 5.5yo finger sucker, I'm going to say, do NOT NOT NOT let her start that habit. If you have to substitute a paci, that is definitely the lesser of two evils. MUCH easier to take that away than fingers!!! It is nice that you don't have to do the paci search, but in the long run, just not worth it.

  8. I am so terrified of that first fall. I've gone so far as to put rugs with pads all over the house. Everyone says it's inevitable! Glad she's okay.

  9. Can I just say I LOVE Stella times. I look forward to it. She is just so cute. I love the pic of her in the little pink hoody and the one of her sleeping. I can't even begin to imagine the scare of her first fall. I gasped out loud when I read it. I know they say every baby has one. My mom said I clear rolled off a little mattress they had on the floor, down onto the floor. Glad to hear Stella is ok, but I know it was scary.

  10. Hi Josey – Always see you commenting on other blogs I read so I stopped by! Stella is just darling and your hair looks great! I've chopped mine a few times but always regret it. It definitely would have helped with nursing though! Love the blog….Consider me a follower!

  11. I have not said hi in a while. Stella is getting so big…LOVE your new do, and hope you are having a good weekend!! xoxo

  12. I can't believe how big she is getting! I love reading your updates.

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