The New Friday Night

Friends are over and Stella is loving it….

The new look of our fridge shelf…


  1. love the pic of Stella….and the fridge made me think of my own 🙂

  2. I love how different our fridge looks nowadays! She's SO happy, what a great pic!

  3. C's all "whut" and your fridge is all "mmm, Ann, come to me."I <3 you.

  4. Hilarious. Its so true. Things change.. but only kind of…

  5. She is too cute. And that's the new norm for the fridge!

  6. I'm loving the beer and breast milk fridge! The other night we had a bunch of B's happening in our home:Beers, Brownies, Breast Milk, and Babies! Possibly 4 of the greatest things ever.

  7. Look at that smile! She sure is loving it!! Love the fridge picture too! 🙂

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