Stella Times…Week 12

Itty Bitty Stells Bells,

Well, you’re not so itty bitty to me anymore, but your Daddy and Auntie Jaime are constantly singing that song to you, so it gets stuck in my head pretty regularly!

Your Daddy and I had a crazy busy weekend full of parties and other commitments where everyone was hogging you, so we barely even got to hold you ourselves. By the time we got home Sunday night, we were craving ourselves some Stella time. You did great with all the parties though – a dinner party at our house, a 30th birthday party at a friend’s house, a baby shower, a lunch date, and a Daytona party – all in one weekend. It was nuts!

After Mommy got home from a friend’s going away party on Friday night, this is what she found.
So much for Daddy being against co-sleeping. 😉 
Hanging out at daycare with my friend M’s daughter. You two are so cute. 🙂 
After sleeping in past 9:30 on Mommy’s day off, you just chilled and watched me prep for dinner that night. Thank you!
Hanging out with Mommy. I love you.
Who’s bigger – Stella or Luna? Funnily enough, Luna is 3 weeks older than you, but much, much shorter. 🙂
You are still a happy baby that LOOOOVES mornings! Daddy has started learning how to use my fancy camera, just so he can take pictures of you in the mornings while he hangs out with you and I’m upstairs getting ready. So cute! I’m still working on reminding him to get out of your light! 😉
You also love being naked. 🙂 Hanging out with Auntie Jaime while she bounces you on the exercise ball!
Waking up after a nap – you managed to wiggle your little foot out of the swaddle. LOL
Chatting with Daddy! Daddy is kneeling on the floor and still almost as tall as you.  ðŸ™‚
One of my favorite pictures to date. The expressions you  make are priceless. 🙂

We love you so much little girl. Always and forever.



  1. You guys did have a busy weekend! Josey, she looks SOO tiny next to C in bed! Absolutely precious! And you gotta love a dimpled baby tushy! 🙂

  2. Hehe I love this post 🙂 I just want to snuggle Stella! We have the same swing do you (and stella) like it?

  3. Oh how I love Stella Times!!! Love the pic of her and the hubs fast asleep in bed. Hehehe! My my my looks like Stella is gonna be tall. She's sure taller than Luna.

  4. She is getting so big…and she is a beauty! I know you are so happy!

  5. OMG she's so sweet! What a great post…love the pictures

  6. stella just gets cuter and cuter! i can't believe how fast she's growing and how tall she's getting. you are so good about posting her updates. i really need to follow your example!

  7. 12 weeks already?? Man the time is flying.. It seems like we were just pregnant 🙂 She is adorable.. How long is she?? Are you or your hubby tall?? She looks long 🙂

  8. Ooooh – someone's personality is starting to shine through. Happy 12 weeks, Stella!

  9. She's sure got Daddy's tall-genes!! 🙂 I love her little faces haha.. AHHH I can't wait to see my little Stella Bella in ONE WEEK!!!!!! STOP GROWING BABY GIRL! 😛

  10. This might be my favorite group of Stella photos yet. She's just gorgeous! In Luna's defense, her little legs are all scrunched up :). Adorable friends Stella and Luna. Oh, my gosh! I actually forgot about Rockstar until I saw her onesie! Stella is just so…Stella. I forgot how she was Rockstar to all of us for 9 months!

  11. All such great pics! Love the one with her and shorty Luna 🙂

  12. You guys will have to read them Stellaluna as they grow up, it's a cute book 🙂

  13. Aaaahhhh, that face is too fricking cute!!!!!!

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