Girls’ Night!

Girls’ Night last night with Mommy & Auntie! 🙂
Happy girl!

Stella has been supremely fussy the past few days (mostly in the late afternoon), and we’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on. I ate cabbage on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and so the bottles she had on Thursday and Friday were pumped from those days that cabbage was in my system, so we are thinking that maybe she was a little extra gassy from that or something. (note to self, cut out gassy foods like cabbage, apples, and beans while breastfeeding)

Normally Stella takes a couple short naps throughout the day (20 minutes or so at a time), though we’ve been trying to get her to sleep longer by swaddling her for naps. Yesterday, though, she took a 1 hour nap, a 2 1/2 hour nap, and another 1 hr nap — all before 3:30!! I checked her temp and it was normal, and after all that sleeping, she woke up a different baby. She was still a little fussy, just wanting lots of attention and movement, but overall, she was a happy baby again, and her auntie and I enjoyed a little girl time together last night.

Here’s hoping that whatever was wrong with her she was able to “sleep” out of her system!


  1. A lot of Roman's behavior issues lately like fussy in the evening, or short naps some days and long naps others, I am attributing to the 12 week growth spurt stuff. Could be wrong but thats what I keep thinking!

  2. She is so cute! Hopefully just a "fussy phase" and she will start a new routine of longer naps for you!

  3. Forget naps, let's talk about your boobs! They look fabulous! (not in a perve way, I'm sure you know.)

  4. You sure can't tell she's been extra fussy, she looks very happy sitting by you two! Glad she was able to get some good rest in and woke up her happy self!

  5. If Emily doesn't get her naps in she is a monster! I have to make sure to get her down for a nap 1.5-2 hours after she wakes up or shit hits the fan.

  6. Long morning nap makes a good day for us too. The LC told me that it makes sense that babies get fussier at 5-the tv is on, dinner is on, dad comes home etc, lots of stimulation when they are usually tired. We had some good luck with gripe water during a particular fussy phase- maybe it helped with gas or was just a distraction, but it helped! She is too cute!

  7. Maybe it was a growth spurt or gas. But so happy that she is back to being a happy baby! Look at that smile on the couch, it's as if she knows just what the conversation is about!!

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