Stella Times…Week 14

My Lovely, Active Little Girl,

You are changing so much, every single week. I can hardly believe how quickly the weeks are flying by! You are just starting to give us a little giggle here and there, and we absolutely love it.

The biggest thing that happened this past week was that you took your first vacation and airplane ride! (Four airplane rides, actually.) You did great, only fussing on one of the landings. For the most part, we did pretty well at timing things so that you were nursing or sleeping, so your ears didn’t seem to bother you too much. You were a charmer on the flights – smiling and “talking” with everyone around us. We got many compliments on what a sweet baby you were. We always agreed. 🙂 Since we missed a connection and got stuck in the airport on the way home for hours and hours longer than anticipated, we all kind of hit a brick wall of exhaustion and fussiness on the way home, but overall, you were the perfect travel companion. Now if you could only learn how to fit all of your stuff into a carry on. 😉

Yes, we live in a small town area where we actually walk on the tarmac to board the plane. 🙂 

You got to take your first airplane rides because we spent Friday through Monday up at NanaMama Julie & Grandpa Elmo’s house in Minnesota. It was a busy, busy weekend full of family and friends – it was so fun to get to introduce you to everyone! The house had no fewer than 15 people in it at all times…and that’s just the people that were sleeping there!

When we first arrived in Minneapolis on Friday, our first stop was to visit your Great Great Aunt Elie. You were actually due to be born on her 90th birthday, by the way! She was SO incredibly excited to meet you. Thanks to Great Grandpa Gene, she was one of the very first people to know about your existence in this world, and she made sure to make you one of her famous Elie blankets. She also was the keeper of the baptismal gown for many, many years, and she wrote us a beautiful little note about your baptism. Her Faith in God is so inspiring.

That night we got to NanaMama and Grandpa’s house, and your aunts and uncles fawned over you all night. Your aunts and uncles and grandparents all adored spending the weekend cuddling and loving on you. You were definitely the life of the party…well, until you fell asleep and we all stayed up playing cards and laughing. You were often the topic of conversation anyway. 🙂

On Saturday, two of Mommy’s best friends in the world came to visit with their husbands and kiddos so that they could meet you. It’s so crazy thinking about how much our lives have changed since we all started hanging out years ago. I hope you grow to think of their kids as cousins of sorts someday!

On Sunday, it was time for your baptism. It was a wonderful service, filled with all of your Daddy’s favorite hymns (In the Garden, Blessed Assurance, and Jesus Loves Me), plus your Auntie Emma and Grandpa Elmo sang Forever Young by Bob Dylan to start the service. It was beautiful!

Your baptism was the first part of the service, and you were a little fussy, but not bad. Then, oh then… you projectile vomited as I held you facing the congregation. I instinctively reached out my hand in a futile effort to catch it. That got a good laugh out of everyone!

After the service, 50+ people came out for Sunday Dinner (the noon meal in MN) at NanaMama and Grandpa’s house. It was so touching to see how many people wanted to meet you and support you in your Faith!

Four generations!

All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful weekend with the Minnesota family. We were all exhausted by the time we made it home to Colorado though, and you’ve been napping non-stop every since. Can’t say I blame ya!

Love you so much, my child.



  1. She has the cutest and funniest expressions in these pictures and is growing up SO fast! I have to say — I laughed when you said that she projectile vomited in front of the congregation. That's something we don't see every day! Good think she is CUTE! ;)

  2. way to go, stella, for being such an angel on the plane! and for keeping things interesting at the baptism! 😉 so glad the trip went so well. stella looks like she's just charming the pants off everyone in all of the pics. so cute!

  3. O.M.G who smile is delicious.The projectile vomiting was a nice touch 🙂

  4. The photo of Stella clasping her hands smiling with Aunt Elie is too much! I love the photos you take with your sisters every time you are home. There's a lot of supermodel smiles in there. LOL, you tried to catch projectile vomit. I'm lutheran too, I miss church 🙁 and the activities surrounding the faith.Stella is an angel in the last picture.

  5. That smile! Oh my goodness that smile! She shines!! I love the one of her with Great Great Aunt Elie! Precious! You have an all around beautiful family!

  6. What a beautiful visit, she is such a doll! And Josey, you are looking skinny!!!

  7. She definitely looks like the center of attention and soaking all of it up! Gotta love a good story from her baptism, one you will never forget I'm sure. Cross another thing of your new mom list – flying with baby. Glad it was a success and you had a wonderful weekend with family!

  8. I had to laugh because I also live in a small town where you walk on the tarmac…Stella is adorable.

  9. What a happy and Beautiful little girl!! You are so blessed!

  10. Her smile is amazing!

  11. OMG – does she ever not smile??? Somebody is getting quite the personality!! :)I LOOOVE IT.

  12. Oh – and the projectile vomiting? That's hilarious. (As long as she's okay!)

  13. loving all the pictures and glad to hear the flights went well, I am stressed to the max to take Easton on his first flight this summer. He will be 9 months then. Oh boy 🙂

  14. Ohmygosh she is precious! Love all those smiles!

  15. Her smile just lights up my life! Gosh every week I anxiously wait for Stella Times!!! I'm trying to picture you trying to catch projectile vomit and I chuckled. Tell me she doesn't look awesome wrapped up in that pink blanket. She's just too cute Josey!!!

  16. When we lived in Minnesota I met an older man named Elmo when I went to vote. He talked to me because Elizabeth used to carry around Ernie from Sesame street. This was in Cottage Grove MN.

  17. Looks like she got lots of good lovin:] Sweet, precious times vomit and all!

  18. HAHA. Love the projectile vomit… hilarious.She is so precious and I'm so glad you got to go home and do that with your family. So special.

  19. Josie – you are so beautiful! You absolutely glow. It is so nice to see how much love there is in your family. Stella is a lucky child! xox

  20. Hmmmm, projectile vomiting, poop on the face – is it baptism thing? Are we being baptized as mommies too? 🙂

  21. Stella is so gorgeous, love those smilies!

  22. Aw, you have a seriously gorgeous little girl!!

  23. It looks like it was an amazing trip. I love the baptismal gown story. So cool. I can totally relate to the aunts and uncles basically knocking each other out of the way to get to the baby. That's how we roll in our house with my niece. They must just love her.

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