I Miss Sleeping Naked

Just a random thought/observation, but I really miss sleeping naked.

When Charlie and I met, I was a naked sleeper. He’s honestly not a huge fan of it because he thinks it’s weird. Then again, he also thinks it’s weird if I skip wearing underwear for a day b/c I don’t want pantie lines in a certain outfit. Prude. *LOL* I didn’t care what he thought, so I slept naked anyway – I loved the feeling of sleeping naked on clean sheets.

When I got pregnant, I started wearing a sports bra to bed at night. My breasts and nipples were so sore and tender that it was pretty much a necessity. To me at least, it felt odd to wear a sports bra but nothing on bottom, so I started wearing pajama shorts as well (remember it was summer).

When I had Stella in December and my milk came in, I had to start wearing a nursing bra + pads to bed because of the whole leakage issue. I also had to wear granny pantie underwear the first few weeks (thanks to the huge pads that are a necessity right away postpartum) and yoga pants.

Now it’s become so routine to jump into bed fully clothed, that I’m not sure if I’ll make it back to the naked sleeping side, and that makes me kind of sad. Gosh I’m old.


  1. Aaahahahahaha. I think this is one of my favoritest posts of yours ever.You'll get back to sleeping naked. I just know it. 🙂

  2. Its amazing how fast something we've always done can change due to necessity! It's always interesting to see how soon it returns to normal…

  3. Interesting. I don't like to sleep naked, I like to wear pj pants and tanks. I just feel more secure that way. But sometimes it feels so great to take a nap naked or after a shower I love to get back into bed, you're right the cool sheets feel great! Nursing bra, pads and granny panties does not sound like much fun! One of the not so exciting things to look forward to in pregnancy I guess!

  4. Do you know the other day at work I was wearing a tight dress and a pair of jocks underneath really wasn't cutting it. So I wore a bigger g-string and after a few hours it was the most excruciating thing I had ever worn. So I just wore nothing for the rest of the day 😉 sleeping nekkid is the best!

  5. I don't like sleeping naked. My mother always drilled into my head that if there was a fire in the middle of the night, you would be standing in the street naked. Um, awesome? So, now whenever I do happen to end up naked (ahem) I always wake up in the middle of the night to put on clothes, because, you know, naked fires. They are apparently plaguing the midwest.

  6. I so so so miss sleeping nakey too! Even sleeping with a tshirt and no bra would be awesome. I was just telling my husband the other day how tired I was of sleeping in a bra and nursing pads. Just for giggles I slept without a bra the other night…yeah, not so funny! Big big mess when I woke up… Oh the things we do 😉

  7. I was literally just thinking last night that I'm soooooooo happy McMister doesn't try to pressure me to sleep naked anymore hahaha. It took 7 years, but he's finally accepted I'm not gonna do it!

  8. My hubby is big on the sleeping nakey thing. I dont mind it either way and will oblige on some nights, but every once in a while I get these horrible naked dreams (while actually naked) that I'm in public and cant find my clothes. Ha! They're so stressful. I wake up in a panic and tell R and he'll go "Awww man!" Cuz he knows I'll be rockin the pjs for the next few weeks!

  9. I miss sleeping naked, too. After giving birth I started sleeping in a tank and boy short undies because of the lochia and the unpredictable milk situation. I've since moved on to just a tee shirt because even 9 months in there is no guarantee that there won't be some leakage (especially as Sofi's sleep is still so unpredictable). I WILL get back to sleeping naked eventually though. Like you said, that feeling of clean sheets is the best.

  10. You'll totally get back there – trust me. I was there (for like five minutes) and it was awesome. Once Stella starts sleeping better and her wake ups are less common then you'll get there. I just kept my robe at the foot of my bed if I had to get up and go into see Mac but mostly remained blissfully naked in bed.

  11. I'm not a naked sleeper, but I can see how that would be something you miss if you are used to it. Looks like I'm the minority here based off your other comments. 🙂

  12. I used to sleep topless, but never bottomless. Now, I'm fully clothed and I still have pads in my nursing tanks at night. Old indeed.

  13. Wow I just thought everyone slept naked. How funny it seems most can't tolerate the idea. Even if I do go to bed with something on I end up tearing it off in the night in a fit of feeling too restricted. Guess that might change with pregnancy and momhood, never thought about it.

  14. I am a pajama girls (with socks!) through and through, but I a completely with you on going outfit-dependent commando.I finally stops wearing nursing pads to bed after about 3 months (but still had the occasional soaker) and nursing bras after about 6. I am back to "stage 2" pregnancy bras now and *hope* to be back to my regular old boobs soon. With stretch marks and giant nipples, of course.After a while, things, sort of, return to normal!

  15. This cracks me up. I was never a naked sleeper but I was just the other day thinking about how I miss the days of not having to sleep in a bra. Heck I can't wait for my boobs to get smaller in general. These larger ones are harder to maintain overall. Oh our new lives as moms and the things that change I never would have thought about before.

  16. I can so relate to this. My husband is exactly like Charlie – he thought it was weird that I usually slept naked before getting pregnant, but I didn't care. I love the feel of sheets on my body. I kept sleeping naked when pregnant, but after having Ellen 4+ months ago, I reverted to sleeping with clothes on. For the first month because I was nursing, then because it was just easier to be clothed when Ellen woke up at night and I'd have to get out of bed to feed her. Now that it's getting warm out and Ellen's not waking as much, I've spent a few nights in the nude and it's fantastic. I feel like I'm reclaiming a part of myself that's been missing since becoming a Mom. Maybe that's a dramatic take on it, but definitely how I feel!

  17. LOL. I'm only in the sleep bra-less club but PC would love it if I didn't own any pajamas! I hope he doesn't come across your post or the comments or he will convince me this is worth researching some more, lol. I am ready for the bra to go, however! I hear you on that!

  18. I sleep in a bra (my old bras that lose their underwire) and pajama pants and a t-shirt. But my boobs are old and saggy and hurt to hang free!

  19. I could never get into sleeping in the complete nude, but oh how I miss not wearing a bra. I think I've gone a total of maybe two hours without a bra since the twins arrived…including showers. Ugh. (Of course, my shower time has substantially decreased with the arrival of the twins as well…God I hope I don't smell…)

  20. Hubs sleeps in the buff. I start off clothed and then because I sweat so much at night end up the same but you'll never get me to start that way….weird I know….lol! I'm weird! Every night he reminds me that I'm wasting time putting on pajamas, but every night I do it anyway. LOL!

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