One Year Ago Today…

I gave myself my first menopur shot of our IUI cycle that resulted in the little girl sitting next to me this morning. Wow. So much can change in a year!


  1. Sweetest picture ever!

  2. And what a great year it was for you my friend!

  3. life is a wonderfully crazy roller coaster. i'm so happy that it brought you to where you are today. life is good, isn't it? hugs!

  4. That made me tear up! Such a miracle and so inspirational. Katie

  5. It's incredible to look back and see what all you went through in a year…Stella is just beautiful and perfect!

  6. 🙂

  7. It's so weird to think of that….I was just reading through last year's blog posts and thinking about the same thing.

  8. Wow, one year that is crazy!

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