Stella Times…Week 15

First giggles!
You are 15 weeks old today – why does that sound so old?! At your peds appointment yesterday (for your HIB and Pc shots that I delayed from the 2 month appt), you weighed 13#10oz. Wow!! They didn’t measure your length, and I forgot to ask, but you are LONG baby. 
Grandma Julie will hate to hear this, but you have a filthy sense of humor already. Your Auntie Jaime farted today and so did your Mom, and when we burst out laughing, YOU burst out laughing, I think for the first time. It was pretty much hysterically awesome. 🙂 Then when we did your 15 week photo shoot, you would giggle over and over when daddy tickled you and blew raspberries on you. Adorable. 🙂
Your 1st St. Patty’s Day, chillin’ in a shirt that your Mommy’s friend Leia actually bought you when she was in Ireland last summer!
You LOOOVE your little alien bugs that hang on your carseat bar. I know we’re not supposed to drive with the bar up, but for short distances, I usually do anyways now days. You’re just so enthralled with them!
St. Patty’s was pretty low key this year – dinner and drinks with a couple of daddy’s buddies (Jord & Linc). 
You fell asleep during the “party” anyway. 🙂
You finally are tolerating tummy time, so we try to do a little every day. You are getting SO strong, baby!
Sunday was a SAD day for you for some reason. Your morning was adorably happy, but the afternoon , not so much. This is the look you kept giving me! Broke my heart…. though I do love your little wrist rolls. 🙂 
You started actually holding my breast when you eat now. It’s pretty darn cute. 🙂 I love feeling so connected to you. 

The bumbo seat is also a love in your life now. You’ll watch me make dinner, do taxes, you name it – as long as you’re sitting up and getting to watch the action! 
Today was beautiful, so after work, your Mommy & Auntie sat outside to have a beer, and you nursed in the sun for the first time. We love the sun. 🙂 
You’re growing up so quickly, my child. Slow down a bit, would ya? 🙂 
Love you so much Stella – I can’t wait to see what the next week brings!


  1. She is so beautiful…and getting so big! I know you are one proud momma! 🙂

  2. Just a heads up. When I meet that child, if there are dipping sauces around, she MIGHT end up being returned to you sans a cheek or two. OMG HER CHEEKS!! Om nom nom.

  3. She sure loves "her boob". Oh, my GOSH, she IS looking so old. What is happening here? But…she's just gorgeous. And I love seeing her grow. And whenever I see you drinking a beer it looks sooo delish, and I wonder why I don't more drink beer at home, an then I realize, beer is heavy to bring home from the store, and it disappears so quickly. You don't have those issues? Does Charlie just keep your fridge stocked and do all the heavy lifting? 😉

  4. Soooooooo cute!

  5. she's so stinkin cute

  6. love baby giggles!!

  7. Baby giggles!! What happened to all these newborns that just slept and ate all day long? Now we are starting to see actual babies and toddlers in blogland! Slow down babes! But she is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. I love her big open mouth smile! It makes me smile too!And she is a big girl! Taylor was only 13lbs 3oz at 15 weeks. Go Stella!!!

  9. Can she be any cuter?? 🙂

  10. oh my goodness, I love pics of her! She is precious and getting big SO fast! It's amazing how quickly time goes by, isn't it?

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