It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

Actually, it’s an entire beautiful weekend! 70s and sunny in the mountains in March – how bizarre, how bizarre…

Yesterday, I loaded Stells up in the stroller (with no winter outfit on for the first time!) and we went on a walk. It started out as a short stroll… and turned into me deciding to go out to Charlie’s job site to say hi. He was out there stacking forms all day, and I thought it’d be a nice surprise.

Um, yeah – I kind of didn’t realize how long of a walk it is to get out there. A short 2.4 miles later, I round the bend….and no Charlie!

He had run up the mesa to get something. Of course. So instead, I took a quick video from the job site and snapped a couple of pictures of the concrete forms we just bought (more about that later) and headed on my merry way.

THEN, oh then, I tried to take a short cut back…and got over the hill and saw this.

Oh. Shit.

Mother of the year here. Yes, I hefted Stella’s stroller and myself OVER that fence. It could have ended very badly, but it didn’t, and we will not be taking that shortcut ever again!

We ended up getting about 1/2 mile from home when Charlie came up the road in his truck. After pushing a stroller for 4 miles in flip flops, and with Stella starting to have a breakdown because she was hungry, I’ve never been so happy to see him! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now my girlfriend Marissa just came over – the hubbies are out golfing, and we’re going to sit in the back yard, drink some cold beers, and enjoy the warm sun.

Not a bad weekend at all. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Love your blog, josey! What a treck. Ps. Dustyandamy blog can be found at I found you through her site originally & it got highjacked.

  2. Wondering how in the world you got that stroller and yourself over that fence?! You go girl!!Also– My roommate and I were just gawking in awe at your video and the mountains in the background. We are now planning a vacation to Colorado! Ha!

  3. I can't believe you lifted a stroller over that! Impressive, indeed.

  4. You need to post some diagrams on how you got over that fence! I'm impressed.

  5. I am cracking up picturing you getting over that fence with a stroller! ha!

  6. Does the gorgeous scenery make up for the oops? The best laid plans always throw us for a loop, don't they? Hey, at least you got some good exercise! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. gorgeous, but it totally sounds like something I would do to go on a much longer and more intensive adventure than originally planned.

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