Stella Times…Week 16

Dear Miss Cheeks, 

You are now 16 weeks old, and your cheeks…oh those scrumptious, kissable, cheeks…your cheeks grow every day it seems, and your Daddy and I can’t get enough of them!

You are starting to giggle a little bit more…but only on special occasions, and it’s usually for your Daddy. You loooove when he plays airplane with you. You also love snuggling close at bedtime, and usually we’ll let you for a little bit before it’s time for us to sleep and we try to move you to the co-sleeper or to your swing. You just look so cute and tiny in our big bed, though not nearly as tiny as you used to be.

You have definitely found your hands, and you are constantly sucking on your hand, clasping your hands together, and starting to grab for things. You are also a drooling machine, so you get many outfit changes a day. It’s a good thing you have so many adorable outfits to wear. 🙂 You’ve been a Momma’s girl lately, too, and want to be held by me all.the.time. I can’t say I mind!

You are definitely interacting more and more with the world around you and smiling at everyone. This week is also the first time I’ve seen you notice the dog. Chief was playing with his rope in the living room, and you just watched him in awe for a couple of minutes. It was pretty darn cute to see you just locked in on him. 🙂

Also, your Auntie Jaime sent me this picture of you last Friday, holding your own bottle up. What in the world, child?! You are WAY too small to be doing that crazy stuff. I guess she holds your hands on it all the time as a joke, and that time you just decided to keep them there and hold it up yourself. So strong!

Then you did the same thing for your Daddy on Saturday night. 🙂 Too cute!
Your uncle Tommy gave you these adorable PJs at Christmas when he first met you, and when I put them on you, they swallowed you up. Not so much anymore!! I took the 2nd picture below on Wednesday morning, right as you took a HUGE poop. Oh my gosh, child, I was laughing so hard when I texted your uncle the picture with that caption. He wrote me back and said that you were the “cutest child ever.” 🙂
You are still loving the moby wrap, especially now that I face you out in it. We went on a great walk yesterday morning Mommy’s friend Mary (who is 40w pregnant with your buddy Liam!) and then walked around the grocery store like that as well. By the time we were finished, you were out. I just had to snap a quick picture as I was taking you out of the wrap. 🙂 
Blowing bubbles is one of your new “skills” this week, and you are constantly doing it!

Love you so much, my Stells Bells. It was another great week in paradise….



  1. She is too cute holding her own bottle! I had to google what a co-sleeper was. What a great invention!

  2. Love all of the pictures!! You are capturing some great moments in her life to look back on! Just remember to back up your computer so that you don't lose these precious pics! 😉

  3. I love the PJs! She is so adorable.

  4. Love the pics! your baby is soo big! our little girl is only 4 lbs! so I can pick her up and hold her with one hand LOLHS

  5. She is just beautiful!

  6. Beyond sweet. Thanks for the pictures. Beautiful.

  7. She's such a big girl holding her own bubba (bottle). She looks really long/tall in that first pic. My my my Stella Bells is growing so fast.

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