Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 17 Weeks Postpartum

Starting Weight: 6wk pp: 161# (at BFP weight)
Last Week’s Weight: 157#
Current Weight: 156.5# (-.5#)

Starting BMI: 24.5
Last Week’s BMI: 23.9
Current BMI: 23.8

1. Reiterate my goal and where I stand in reference to this goal: 

I’m 5’8″ and have a goal weight of 142# (BMI of 21.6), so I have 14.5# to go.
I’m currently wearing size 10-12 jeans, and I’d love to get to an eight.

155-157# is probably going to be a plateau weight for me (always has been). I’m concentrating on increasing my milk supply right now, so I want to make sure I’m eating nutritious foods and maintaining my weight for the time being, though I still want to work on getting more toned. I’m going to keep up with the WWW, because I know how easy it is to slide back up the scale if I’m not being careful.

2. Discuss what I am going to do to achieve my goals:

Progress on last week’s activities:

Track my food intake with MFP (_josey_) and not go over my total cals allowed overall for the week.
Um, oops. I tracked 5/7 days (skipped the weekend). I was 240 cals over on the 5 days (though I’m not exactly certain how much I should be eating / am burning breastfeeding, so I’m okay with that). The weekend I was definitely over thanks to LOTS of beer and snacking. I’m glad I got back on MFP though… seeing that I was so over my limit on Wed/Thurs/Fri got me motivated to be better on Mon/Tues. I’m going to try to track every day this week to get my snacking / portion control back on track.

Work out 3x.
Done! I did two walks around town with Stella in the moby (which she loves way more than the stroller lately) and did one 45 minute session on the elliptical and some ab work. I did the elliptical last night when I got home from work, because I couldn’t stand writing today that I had failed at both of my goals for the week again. LOL

Activities & goals for this coming week:
*Track my food intake with MFP (_josey_) and not go over my total cals allowed overall for the week.
*Work out 3x.

On-going Life Style Goals:
Drink 8oz every time I sit down to nurse Stella or pump (drinking roughly 100oz water/day). 
I’m getting better at this, and it’s definitely helping with my milk supply.

Choose fruit to snack on instead of chocolate.
Ugh, still grabbing chocolate much too often. I never liked sweets until I was pregnant, and now I still love them, dammit!

3. Post a (reasonably healthy) recipe that I’ve tried, a cooking tip, a new idea for working out for people to try, a photo update of my weight loss, or anything else I feel like sharing.

Today I’m going to post six of my measurements. It’s neat see the change from 8 weeks ago (my weight has barely changed, but numbers definitely have) and from nearly two years ago (when I was close to the lowest weight I’ve been at as an adult before starting the jump back up during the worst depression of my TTC times). I’m not posting them here because I think three categories is enough, but I’m happy to see that all nine of the measurements I take are smaller now than they were 13 months ago (March 4, 2011 – 165#). The change amounts reflect the difference in the past eight weeks.
*Note, I’m sure there’s a little bit of variability in how I measure since I’m measuring on myself. Maybe +/- .25″ or even .5″ inch. It still gives me a good overall picture of what’s changing on my body… 
May 7, 2010 (152.5#)   –   Feb 8, 2012 (158#)   –   April 4, 2012 (156.5#)
Bust:                                 36.25″                         39.00″                         39.00″ — thank you milk!
Under Bust:                    31.50″                         32.50″                         31.00″ (-1.5″)
Natural Waist:              29.50″                         31.50″                         30.00″ (-1.5″)
Belly (largest part):    34.25″                         37.00″                         36.00″ (-1.0″)
Hips (largest part):      39.50″                         41.00″                         41.00″
Thigh (largest part):   23.25″                         24.00″                          23.00″ (-1.0″)
Obviously my belly and hips are where I’m carrying the worst of the weight right now, but I think that once I lose the final 14.5#, my whole body will lean out and I will feel amazing. 
*Fingers Crossed* 

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  1. I think that the closer we get to summer, the more motivated we will be.I laughed out loud to the part about doing the elliptical just for the WWW post as I went to the gym yesterday for the same reason.

  2. You are looking good! Don't you just love the bigger boobs from breastfeeding?! 🙂

  3. You are doing great!

  4. You look great!

  5. As always – looking fabulous and waaaay better than me. Side note:I changed my domain to http://www.sittinginatree-blog.com. If I'm not showing up in your feed, can you fix it? I'd be super bummed if you stopped visiting! I need Stella and Taylor comments like whoa.

  6. You look great! can't belive you wear 10-12 you look more like a 6! HS

  7. I love these posts, keep up the great job! It gives me hope that after baby the weight will come off.

  8. Haha – thanks! I think a lot of people (celebrities especially) that claim to be a 6-8 are actually a 10-12. Just keepin' it real. 🙂

  9. It automatically redirected to your new URL!

  10. YES! In the past, bigger boobs always meant I was gaining too much weight. Now they'r staying big even as the weight starts to come off. 🙂 I'm sure they'll shrink to nothing once I wean, but I'm deliberately avoiding thinking about that for the time being! LOL

  11. See – accountability works! 🙂

  12. Wow! Look at your measurements going down! That's awesome!

  13. You are doing awesome! And holy boobs- yay for you!!

  14. I will be joining you on MFP this week and tracking my food for ALL 7 days. Snacking is my biggest issue and sneaking in a soda at work. This week off has been great since I don't have soda in the house but it also has been bad for snacking because I have a house of food. Breastfeeding definitely adds a twist to everything. Now that Ant is 25 months I really don't worry about supply but when he was younger I did all the time. Keep going!

  15. I love the measurements! I'm totally going to do that.And yes, i have also exercised for the sole purpose of being able to say I did in my www posts. Excellent motivation!

  16. You look so awesome! I took my measurements after 4 weeks of hard work and I was shocked that of the 4 inches that I DID lose ZERO were from my stomach! REALLY? But we did JUST have babies so keep at em!

  17. Yeah, I ALWAYS lose weight from my belly last. 😛

  18. Snacking adds so many little calories that add up so quickly. MFP really helps me think about "do I want to add another 40 cal bite sized candy on there?" 🙂

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