Stella Times…Week 17

Dear Stella, 

You are rubbing your eyes all the time – are you sleepy or have allergies like your Momma? We aren’t sure… 

You are now 17 weeks old, and you will be four months old this Sunday on Easter. I can hardly believe it! Here’s a photo montage of our past week:

We’ve been taking lots of walks…

 and lots of naps…

 You love looking outside (just like your Daddy)…

 …and you love chewing on your new Sophie the Giraffe.

 Airplane is still your favorite game…

 And you’re loving your new mirrored stars next to the changing table.

You got your first DVD (Baby… 

 …and you totally loved it!

Daddy watched you for the first time for an ENTIRE DAY… and apparently you got dressed in Cardinals gear and purple socks and watched your first baseball game together. 🙂

 You are getting SO good at tummy time… (I love that raised eyebrow – you do it all the time!)

…and when you’re on your back, you have figured out how to pull on the toys, roll on your side, and swing your body around 180 degrees to get to the next toy you want. I am SO not ready for you to be mobile!!

Your friend, Lily, came over yesterday to show you the ropes…

 …and Daddy celebrated buying his new truck for the company he’s starting that is named after you!

It’s been another great week with you, Bells. Last night you slept from 9:30-4am straight (longest stretch ever!), and your buddy Liam was finally born! I can’t wait to watch you two grow up together.

Love you so much, Stella.


  1. That pic of you two sleeping is presh!

  2. so adorable. Lots of new and exciting things going on in Stella's world

  3. That tummy time picture is the best!!! Her facial expressions rock!

  4. I love the giraffe, we already have one waiting for our little girl to use. HS

  5. I love the sleeping pic of you two! So adorable!!

  6. So cute of her watching the game with Dad! Melts my heart. That eyebrow is TALENT! My husband can do that and I sadly, cannot!

  7. Stella got a great first baseball game. Good job, C!<3

  8. That eyebrow is the cutest! And the stars next to her changing table are a great idea. She's getting so big!

  9. I love that onesie with 50% Josey 50% Charlie!!! Do share where you got it! She is just too cute rocking those purple socks!

  10. Love the pics, makes me get a smile on my face. Too cute!

  11. I figured the stars fit in well with the "RockStar" theme. 🙂

  12. That white hat for your walk is sooooo precious!

  13. Hilarious that all babies seem to love Sophie the Giraffe – good thing since she's a pretty expensive little toy! Ellen can't get enough of her! So many parts to chew on 🙂

  14. I find it amusing that we own so many of the same baby products…Such sweet photos!

  15. Random. 🙂 That giraffe is the first thing I've bought her – everything else was gifts / hand-me-downs!

  16. such great pics! the one of you two napping is my fave! it would look so great black and white and framed. 🙂 good luck to charlie with his new company!

  17. Aaaaah,the cuteness!!!

  18. awe she is so adorable! Raleigh Grace loves the airplane too! 🙂

  19. The pictures are so beautiful…I especially love the raised eyebrow one and the one of you two napping.She is a beautiful girl. And Good Luck to your hubby for the new venture too!

  20. I love those stars and that orange onesie! Where did you get those!?! Congrats on 17w and 4m!

  21. Stars were from here: orange onesie was a hand-me-down, and I have no idea where she got it. 🙁 LOVE it though. I'll try to remember to check the brand and get back to you.

  22. she's getting so big! Such an adorable little girl!!!

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