2 Years In…

When we bought our new house two years ago next week, we gifted our old round, pine, standard dining table and chairs to some friends. We never really liked the set (a hand-me-down from Charlie’s college days), and we figured we’d buy a new set that fit the new house. 
Well, we ended up spending all of our money on the kitchen remodel (we completely gutted it – took out a wall, built a breakfast bar, new appliances, new counters, hand built cabinets, new tile – the works!). Once it was done, we loved it, but we didn’t have any money left for a table and chairs. Oops. 
Last fall (18 months later), the guy who built our cabinets needed a shed built, so Charlie did a trade – he built the guy a shed, and the guy built us a 42″ bar height table that perfectly matched the cabinets and was the same height as our breakfast bar. 
But, we still didn’t have the money for chairs.
Finally, last week, thanks to a good tax credit from having a new baby in 2011 (yay!), we decided to buy the chairs. We got 8 stools (so that we can seat 8 around our table for dinner parties, or store 4 at the table and 4 at the breakfast bar). We LOVE THEM!
The old kitchen… 
The new kitchen!
Our living room (sans dining table on the left) the day of our BFP last year. Note the bare look & lack of baby stuff.
Our new dining area, completely with the new table & chairs… and car seat, bumbo seat, high chair seat, play mat (sitting on our coffee table that is moved b/c the swing and exersaucer are in the LVRM), bouncy ball, bounce chair, drying rack (for cloth diaper bleaching), and boppy. Wow! Babies need a lot of shit. 

We are so excited to finally have that last big “piece” of our main area bought…though now we’re hoping to replace the couch and recliner with a big L couch. Someday…  🙂

Daddy and his buddies, testing out the new table & chairs with Stells Bells. 😉 


  1. wow! Looks great! And Stella looking so adorable as always! I love seeing Baby girls looking at their daddy! So sweet!

  2. Drinking a Budweiser. Man after my own heart.^^^Not news to you.

  3. I love it…everything looks absolutely beautiful! So glad everything worked out and you were able to get your chairs. That Bud looks realllyyy good too:)

  4. Beautiful! 🙂 Pretty jealous! And YES babies do need a lot of shit. Our living room has been taken ovaaaa….:) Happily though.

  5. Wow, you guys did a great job with the kitchen remodel!!!I LOVE the table and chairs!It feels so good to have something come together and be complete!

  6. Gorgeous. I loooove your cabinetry.

  7. Not news at all. 🙂 The other guys were drinking vodka sodas, though it kind of looks like water and C is the only one indulging. So not true! LOL

  8. Wow! Those stools are stylin'! Love it so much. How nice to have these conversation areas in your house! I love the open concept and the kitchen so near the dining table, so everyone can hang out together. Also like the stools at the bar, so people can sit and chat with you while you cook and food prep. Love your house. Your kitchen is darling, you guys did a great job! I want to come over for drinks and board games!

  9. Wow I love the dark cabinets and the fridge.. and the table and chairs!! I love it all 🙂

  10. That looks great!

  11. Love the kitchen obvi and YAY for the chairs at last. It takes a while to furnish a house….you know unless you're rich and what not, but it is so worth it as you go. This reminds me I need to do an update of our living room transformation.

  12. Beautiful house!

  13. Your kitchen remodel is absolutely positively GORGEOUS!! We did our about 2 years ago and went with the country white bead board kitchen cabinets. I love it but sometimes I wonder if we should have done something a little more like what you did, it's so darn pretty!!

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