Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: 20 Weeks Postpartum

Starting Weight: 6wk pp: 161# (at BFP weight)
Last Week’s Weight: 155.5#
Current Weight: 155.5#

Starting BMI: 24.5
Last Week’s BMI: 23.6
Current BMI: 23.6

1. Reiterate my goal and where I stand in reference to this goal: 

I’m 5’8″ and have a goal weight of 142# (BMI of 21.6), so I have 13.5# to go.
I’m currently wearing size 10-12 jeans, and I’d love to get to an eight.

155-157# is probably going to be a plateau weight for me (always has been). I don’t want to screw with my milk supply, to I need to make sure I’m eating plenty of nutritious foods for the time being, though I still want to work on getting more toned. I’m going to keep up with the WWW, because I know how easy it is to slide back up the scale if I’m not being careful.

2. Discuss what I am going to do to achieve my goals:

Progress on last week’s activities:

*Not binge eat, even if I’m hung over. I actually did okay with this, even though my old roommate came into town and we went out and about on both Friday and Saturday. I definitely consumed a shitton (yes, that’s my measurement) of alcohol calories, but at least I got out and about on nice long walks around down with her and ate pretty well.

*Work out 4x. Gr. Not so much. 2 or 3? I can’t remember.

Activities & goals for this coming week:
*Eat a salad for at least 5 meals.
*Work out at least 3 times, including ab workouts EACH TIME.

On-going Life Style Goals:
Drink 8oz every time I sit down to nurse Stella or pump (drinking roughly 100oz water/day). 

3. Post a (reasonably healthy) recipe that I’ve tried, a cooking tip, a new idea for working out for people to try, a photo update of my weight loss, or anything else I feel like sharing.

I’m sorry I’m not being the most inspirational weight loss leader right now, but sometimes I have to remind myself that maintaining is always better than gaining, and I have to be okay with maintaining while breastfeeding. There is just no excuse to gain! 


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  1. You are an inspiration, you continue to post and motivate people even if you see little progress yourself. At least it's motivational to me!

  2. Maintaining is an excellent goal for right now! 🙂

  3. YES! Maintaining is better than gaining and you are a milk-making machine right now! Working on getting toned is a GREAT idea, too, and remember muscle weighs more than fat!

  4. Oh my goodness, I was having GREAT results with weightloss cutting calories and exercising but milk supply plummeted!!! Within one day of eating 2000 calories PLUS, my milk came back and Sooner was happy! I just have to accept that I will lose weight SLOWLY while happily feeding my daughter! It is still hard because I am over weight and I have a specific number I would like to be…ya know!

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