Stella Times…Week 21

Dear Stella… 

This week your favorite past time was to purse your lips and blow bubbles…while trying to talk non-stop. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever! You talk…and talk…and talk. Your voice actually changes octaves now, and it seems like you’re trying really hard to tell us the best stories. I can’t tell you how many times your Daddy and I have just stopped what we were doing this week, just in order to listen to you “talk.” You are too cute. 🙂

You have also started arching your whole body off of the floor/swing/carseat, to the point where we are having to make sure you are always strapped in. You will literally dig your heels and shoulders in and push your whole body off of the floor! I haven’t gotten a picture of it yet, because I’m always running over to grab you and strap you in. Darn child.

This also marks the week that you figured out how to spin yourself around in the exersaucer. You used to just play with whatever was in front of you, but this week you started pulling yourself in a circle to see the next set of toys. The first time you turned yourself around and spun that yellow sun, your Daddy and I just gasped in astonishment. You are so smart.

I still spend many hours gazing at your little face. Some of my favorite moments are when you fall asleep in my arms after eating, and I get to just stare at you. You are so loved, my daughter.

Most mornings, your Daddy grabs you when you wake up and you two hang out downstairs while I get ready for work. Some days, though, he is already gone, so you hang out and play in your bouncy seat (I wedge the side of it between the faucet and mirror so you can’t move the seat) and check yourself out in the mirror while I get ready. I love Mommy & Me mornings.

Last weekend your Dad planted a couple of perennial flower bushes for you. He is hoping they will grow bigger and more beautiful every year – just like you will!

You are one cool chick, Stella. We love you so much. It’s been another wonderful week with you in our lives.



  1. sounds like stella had a busy week! 😉 i know i say it every time, but she is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Awwwww she's getting so big 🙂 I'm all caught up on your blog now ;)I'm back!!! Can't wait to keep up with you guys again!!!

  3. It is the best when they start "talking"! There is no doubt Stella is so loved, you can see it in all of her pictures 🙂

  4. She looks so big in that picture of her in the exersaucer! I love the idea of planting flowers for her. I think it was Rachel from Wade's World whose husband planted a tree for Easton and I love that idea as well.

  5. Love her sunglasses & hat!

  6. She looks so big in that excersaucer!!!!!I love the sunglasses!!!!

  7. Beautiful as always, miss Stella!! 🙂 What age did you start her in the exersaucer? I am excited to get Alidia in one although I know she isn't ready yet. I was just looking them up online to buy if we get to the US / Canada in June.

  8. I can't remember – I think at about 4 months? At first, we had to stuff a blanket all around her to keep her propped up in it and her toes barely touched, but she has always loved being very upright, so she was stoked. Just the past week we've stopped stuffing the blanket around her, and she LOVES the freedom. Her feet are flat on the bottom part now too, so I'm guessing she'll be pushing off of it soon!

  9. She's just gorgeous!

  10. Awww look how big and beautiful she's getting! I LOVE her sunglasses in the last picture – you have to tell me your secret on how you get her to keep them on, my girls rip theirs off seconds after I try to put them on! 🙂

  11. Love that last picture! She's beautiful!

  12. I have no idea – she just doesn't seem to mind and leaves them on so far!

  13. Could she be any cuter?? No, no she cannot. Just look at her glammed out in those shades. Aww, gotta love her.

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