Stella Times…Week 22

Hey Baby!

This the first time in your life that I’ve been a day late in getting this weekly post written up. It has been an insanely busy week around here, and we just completely ran out of time to get your 22 week picture taken yesterday. Sorry baby! You don’t seem to mind though. πŸ˜‰

After a couple of months of mostly swing sleeping and cuddling in bed, we started putting you to sleep in your co-sleeper again the past few nights, and you have been sleeping wonderfully in there. You still wake up a couple of times a night, but usually just once at 12/1 and once at 3/4, and with you right next to me, it’s easy to grab you, nurse you, and fall right back asleep. I remember how tiny you looked in that thing when we first brought you home from the hospital, and now I’m realizing that you maybe have a month or two max left that you will fit in it. Yikes! Growing girl. At the doctor’s office this week, you measured 26 1/4″ long and 16#, so you have nearly doubled your birth weight of 8#2oz and you have grown 5 1/4″.

You are definitely a mover and a shaker now days. Like I mentioned last week, we are having to buckle you in to the swing now. I took a picture of you with your cute little leg warmer clad legs in the air the other day…and the next picture was taken as I ran over to grab your little butt before you launched yourself right out. Crazy child!

This weeks also marks the first time you went to the bar in your PJs! LOL. It was our friend Damon’s birthday, and you were already in PJs when we remembered we were supposed to meet up for a drink (it’s actually a restaurant/bar), so we packed you up and down the road we went. Everyone thought you were pretty cute in your “jailbird joey” outfit (Back to the Future, anyone?).

You are a champ at tummy time now, and we are wondering when you’ll decide to roll to your back, since you just figured out how to roll from back to front this week!

You still LOVE bath time, and we even took the infant insert out of your tub this week. 

You also turned 5 months old this week. How in the world do I have a 5 month old?!

Sitting like a big girl in the grocery store cart…

…and loving your Daddy as always. 
We love you so much Stells Bells!!



  1. OMG she looks so big and grown up!… until you get to the shopping cart pic. Then she's still just a teeny baby πŸ™‚

  2. I love how expressive she is. Seriously.

  3. hehe I was just about to say the opposite of Sheelah in that, holy, she looks like such a big girl sitting up in the shopping cart!! :)(Where are you there?! A piano store??) Looking adorable at 22 weeks/5 months Miss Stella! Great to hear she is doing well in her co-sleeper!

  4. Oh my gosh that picture of her in the shopping cart is great! That girl has some perfect posture! And the one of daddy/daughter…swoon! How is she 5 months?? Man it's going so fast!

  5. Seriously she is just so gorgeous! Her little faces are priceless!

  6. So cute! She is sitting up so tall in that shopping cart!

  7. She couldn't be any cuter! I love the shopping cart picture.

  8. Super cute pictures!

  9. cutest shopping cart picture ever!

  10. So sweet and makes me want to cry at the same time that she is such a big baby girl now when just a few months ago we were holding tiny versions of our now five month olds:] So glad you are doing well! I don't know how you find time to blog, I wish I could do better!

  11. I can't believe she's 5 months!!!! What a doll baby. πŸ™‚

  12. I love that you are documenting her growth each week- what a great idea! She is seriously a beautiful little girl!

  13. Oh my gosh – look at her perfect posture in that grocery cart! I love her leg warmers and her Baby Stella!

  14. It's so neat to see what milestones Stella reaches, and Zack is doing the exact same things πŸ™‚ He's been rolling over from his back to his stomach for a few weeks now, and we're STILL waiting for him to roll back over to his back.. I'll LOVE it when he figures that part out because he cries every single time he can't get back over.. lol.. So, basically I'm getting up every 5 minutes to turn him over.. hahahah.. She's so cute, and growing like a weed!!

  15. WOW, 5 months already?! She is just too cute!

  16. Happy 5 months, pretty lady! I just think she's the cutest ever in the grocery cart sitting up like a big girl. Taylor still leans back and chills.

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