A New Kind of Photo Op (…or, a CD update)

I came home for lunch the other day, and my sister-in-law (who was there watching Stella) asked me if I had put the diapers out back as a photo op. I didn’t know what she meant until I looked outside and realized it really was pretty darn picturesque. 🙂

After 4 months of cloth diapering, we are still loving it. We are still using the initial 15 Bum Genius Elemental AIOs that I got from Cottonbabies.com, and it really is SO easy. I have actually had a couple of local friends ask me over the past month for advice about switching, because they realized that they were spending at least $80/month on diapers, so the $300 initial investment wasn’t looking so bad!

Every other day I throw 12 of the 15 diapers (and the wet bag) into the washing machine for a small, cold, rinse cycle, leaving one diaper on her and two clean for backups while I’m doing the laundry. Then I toss in all of her clothes, burp rags, blankets, etc. from the past two days and run a hot/cold regular wash cycle with Charlie’s Soap.

Most days I then hang up the diapers to air dry in the back yard, which completely bleaches the cloth insides back to pristine white if it was a poopy diaper. I toss the rest of her clothes in the dryer, though once we get a better clothes line in the back yard, I’ll hopefully air dry everything. A blessing of living in a “high desert” climate in CO is that laundry dries super quickly!

I’ll usually pop everything in the dryer for a “wrinkle release” 10 minutes or whatever just to soften them up, but that is it. Easy, right?

If you are on the fence about switching to cloth diapers, don’t be afraid to give it a shot!

(Check out Desiree’s great post about her experience with CD after a year!)


  1. That is the most beautiful picture of diapers I've ever seen! You are so lucky to have that (diapers and all) as your view every day!

  2. Awesome. I am so doing this. Love the photo too! You live is such a beautiful area!

  3. Wow! Your backyard is BANANAS! Cloth diapering is SO EASY. I've never had a second thought. HGB has gone through fewer diapers a day as he has gotten older as well, so now I only wash every two days. Beautiful photo!

  4. So jealous of your view, very cute picture indeed!

  5. What an amazing view!!! 🙂 Cloth diapers hanging on the line always make for a super cute photo, but with a backyard like that, it makes an extra great photo op! Glad to hear you are still loving the cloth… me too!

  6. what an incredible view from your backyard!

  7. Great photo!

  8. Wow, so pretty. Totally jealous of your backyard!

  9. Can I move into your back yard??How beautiful is that!!!I love the diaper shot – super cute!I'd love to cloth diaper – but lets just get there first, lol!!

  10. We were super lucky to have had a cloth diaper service for the first three months. LOVED them. In the past two weeks I've been prepping the cloth diapers that I've collected over the years and getting rid of the disposables that people gave us as gifts before we go all in (except at night b/c not going to lie to you I LOVE the dry max pampe.rs that let her sleep for most of the night) next week. I am so totally jealous of your backyard!!!!! I have a small space outside our sliding door at our place that I can hang the diapers but in our city (which rains ALL THE TIME) the sun is hardly ever going to whiten mine up like yours!

  11. I love our cloth diapers! I have BG pockets and thitsties as our majorities. I need to get a dedicated line up to dry and sun them like you do. I want an awesome photo op like that! 🙂

  12. Love it!! I have to say that your original post on CDing is what made me decide to CD with my newest little one. I rented newborn bumgenius cloth and we started them on her yesterday, she is two weeks old now. And I have a nice stash of bumgenius elementals for her when she gets big enough!

  13. That is one friggin' sweet photo. LOVE IT!

  14. seriously, that's not what my diapers look like when they're line drying. Can I have your back yard? 🙂

  15. Josey! I know I don't blog anymore but I am desperate for some advice on cloth diapering. After my daughter's umpteenth diaper rash this summer, we finally switched her to cloth about a week ago. I have a few different kinds – g pants, Cocalo, and some bum genius that arrived yesterday. I feel like Reese soaks through them, though, and she didn't do that with disposables. What am I doing wrong? And the washing instructions confuse the heck out of me. Some of them say cold wash, some say hot. Some say detergent, some say small amount. Some say bleach to get rid of stains, others say to NEVER bleach. I am stumped. We did put up a clothesline yesterday for drying – of course it's pouring today, with rain predicted for the next few days. I do think her bum looks a LOT better since we started her on cloth, so I'd really like to stick to it, and eventually transition my son as well. I would love some advice if you don't mind! My email is meghancwatson@gmail.com. Thanks Josey!

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