Happy Mother’s Day…from the LQ?

Okay, I just reread the title to this post, and I realized that the abbreviation LQ doesn’t make sense, but that is what we call it! Bear with me… it’s about alcohol, and I think you’ll like it. 🙂

I know that my feed will be inundated with sappy Mother’s Day posts today, and that is not a bad thing. So many of us have struggled for SO long to be mothers, so congrats to everyone who is going all out and celebrating with their whole hearts! I am incredibly blessed that my parents just drove in from 1,100 miles away, and so I am with MY mother today as well. <3

At the same time, I can’t help but have a heavy heart because so many of my friends are still in their own little versions of hell just waiting…waiting for the phone call saying they’ve been matched and the baby is theirs to raise and love forever, waiting for their BFP after yet another cycle of TTC and prayers, waiting for that moment when the years of heartache and tears and exorbitant sums of money become worth it because they are finally a mother. I’m thinking of you all today. 

Thanks to our IF troubles, I think that Mother’s Day will always be a day that is tinged with heartache for me. I don’t say that in a pity me fashion – it’s just a fact of life. I am so thankful to have my Stells, but it doesn’t erase the memory and feeling of all of the Mother’s Days that sucked the big one, and the knowledge that for so many of us, it is so fucking hard to get to that happy “ending.”

So, on that eloquent note. My title. The LQ.

Have you ever gone into a store and entered their little prize giveaway in order to save 5% off your next purchase? YES? Awesome. Because that’s what I did at the liquor store last week.

You know what? I won. I freakin won…AND they put my name in their weekly email newsletter, so now everyone in the county knows where I shop for my alcohol. How not awesome it that? LOL. You can’t make this shit up.

So there you go, I won the Mother’s Day flowers, and the whole county now knows where I get my alcohol. Awesome.

At least they were pretty flowers. 🙂


  1. Congrats on your liquor store win! 🙂 haha that is awesome (also awesome that your liquor store sends out a weekly e-newsletter)! The flowers are lovely and Stella looks beautiful next to them. That is great that you get to be with your mom today. Hope you enjoy the day!! 🙂

  2. Only you, Josey, only you, haha! Who cares where the flowers come from, they are gorgeous! I love that you get to spend Mother's Day with two of your favorite ladies. Make some wonderful memories!

  3. How funny! The flowers are beautiful… despite coming from the liquor store :)Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Hahaha That's so funny you won! At first I thought you won like a years supply of wine of something 🙂 HMD to you! Love stella's smile!

  5. Hahahaha, Stella seems impressed. 🙂

  6. That is too funny! The flower's were really pretty. I was sure you were going to say you won free liquor.

  7. That's hilarious… Stella doesn't care where you get your booze from she's just a happy girl! So cute 🙂

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