Stella’s First Brew Fest!

Last weekend, Charlie was still gone on his six day river trip with 10 of our good friends, and my parents had left to return to Minnesota the day before. That left me alone with the Stells Bells on a jam packed day. Saturday morning was the annual city-wide garage sale (where everyone brings their goods to a central location and you can peruse everyone’s stuff at once), and the afternoon was the annual brew fest, complete with live bands and lots of different microbreweries in attendance. I considered skipping the brew fest, but c’mon…I love beer, I had friends around to help if need be, and this is a tiny town – I was never more than a 10 minute walk from home. 🙂 After hitting up the morning sales, we walked back home, Stella nursed and napped, and I packed up the stroller to be gone from the afternoon.

The brew fest started at 1pm, but it was kind of chilly and Stella was sleeping, so I decided to hang out and see if the whether improved. By 1:45, the clouds had parted, and it was a beautiful sunny day, so off we went! From 2-6pm, I took full advantage of the $20 for all the beer you can taste deal. Good times. 🙂

I was carrying her around in my arms at first, but DAMN this girl is getting heavy, so we switched to the bjorn after the first hour or so. Normally I prefer my Moby (I’ve read so much about it being better for baby’s hips) but it just would have been too hot that day.
A couple of hours into it, you could tell she was getting hungry and sleepy. Luckily, my friend was also there with her little girl (who is 12 days older) and they were at the same stage. We stuck the girls in their strollers, gave them each a bottle, and walked around town until they fell asleep. Then we rejoined the party, stood in the corner in the shade, and pushed the strollers back and forth and chatted while her husband made trips to the surrounding beer tents to refill our beers for us. What a good man. 🙂
After her nap, Stella was ready to rejoin the party, and she hung out with her Auntie for awhile.
(This is the same aunt who watches her on Thursdays and Fridays for me while I’m at work.) How cute is she?!

Diaper changing time meant it was Stella’s first time getting naked on the grass.

Which she pretty much giggled the entire way through. 🙂 

Once the festival was over, we stopped by the liquor store to pick up supplies (my next door neighbor, pictured above, was throwing a big BBQ). Thank God we had the stroller to carry it all back! LOL

My SIL tried riding a bike…ad failed. Hahahaha.
(And yes, my town still has dirt roads. Ridiculous.)

…and Stells gave herself one last bottle before it was bedtime.
Thank God for baby monitors reaching next door. 😉

It was such a fun weekend, and I’m so glad I decided to give it a shot and just bring Stells with. She was such a trooper!! Between the music and the people, there was no shortage of sounds and sights. She was in heaven, and so was I. 🙂


  1. Now that's my idea of a perfect day… I love beer too! Jealous!

  2. Looks like fun!

  3. What an AWESOME weekend!!!I wanna move to your town!!!I'm totally in love with it!Stella is getting so beyond adorable and grown up – its amazing to watch her features change from baby ones to toddler ones.

  4. that sounds like so much fun. And I agree with the above I love your town!! can I come over?!

  5. Okay firstly, brew fest sounds awesome!!! Good for you for taking Stella along and not missing out on the fun! Secondly, umm I think your town is my new favourite place on earth and I haven't even been there. It looks so neat! And thirdly, how cute is that outfit that Stella wore for the day!?!? Adorable!! 🙂 Such great photos from what looks like such a fun day.

  6. Gah. Were we separated at birth? Wish we lived closer…we would be BFFs! So glad y'all had a good time! 🙂

  7. Your little town is so pretty and cute! I'd love to live in a town like that 🙂

  8. A town with a giant garage sale, followed by a beer fest? I WANT TO GO TO THERE!

  9. So jealous! I love truly GREAT beer! Looks like you had a super fun time!

  10. Looks like an absolutely wonderful weekend!

  11. I'm so jealous of your fabulous weekend!!!

  12. Stells is growing up to be one social butterfly! 🙂 That's great.

  13. Her outfit is adorable! I'm glad you decided to go and it was a successful trip!

  14. Garage sale stuff and beer! I'm there! she's precious I bet she was the center of attention. BTW I love your Ray Ban's good taste :)HS

  15. Looks like Stella had the most fun of all!

  16. glad you guys had fun!

  17. Your day sounds like such a happy day, literally how I dream parenthood will be. Of course I know this is NOT the everyday, but I look forward to those kinds of days 🙂

  18. That sounds wonderful! What an easy going little lady!

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