Stella Times…Week 24

To My Blue Eyed Baby Girl, 

This week was a little calmer than last week, and that’s alright with me! After Nanamama and Grandpa left last Friday morning, you and I had the weekend to ourselves since Daddy wasn’t home from his trip yet.

On Friday night, we did girls’ night with your Auntie J. To say thanks for watching you all the time, we took her out for dinner at the awesome restaurant I worked at last summer while I was pregnant with you. Cheers!

Saturday was a fun filled day, and you were a RockStar throughout. I think you really enjoyed your first brewfest. 🙂

While we were hanging out in the sun in town, your Daddy was still on his river trip with some friends of ours. We’re hopefully going to take YOU on your first trip later this spring/summer!

You are SO aware of your surroundings now, and your curiosity is going through the roof. I love that you’ll get a very serious look on your face when you’re looking at things as you’re trying to figure out WHAT in the world you are looking at. You very purposely grab at objects, and you have figured out you can make Sophie the Giraffe squeak if you bang her on things. LOL

You are still blowing raspberries constantly, especially when we start laughing at you. You’re quite the little ham. 🙂

One of my favorite things in the world is to stare at you in my arms after you fall asleep nursing. Your little arm rolls just slay me. I love you so very, very much.

On Monday your new Jenny Jump-Up arrived, and I think it’s a hit! You just love being upright, so this thing is perfect for you. You are just starting to figure out that you can bounce and turn yourself, though I’m sure it won’t be long before you are bouncing away in it.

Daddy has been spending as much time as possible with you this week. He really missed you while he was gone, and I’m pretty sure you missed him too! Here you are spending some naked time in the grass earlier this week. You are so darn cute.

You love sitting up now, and you’re getting better and better at it!
Daddy thinks it’s hilarious how big his hands are compared to you. 🙂 
Loving your Daddy.

Love you so much Bells,


  1. Such precious pictures! Love the one of her in her jenny jump up and that last one of her looking at Daddy!

  2. I love that you took her to the Brew fest. Seriously. You are one awesome mama!!

  3. Naked time in the grass looks like fun! I haven't tried that with Alidia yet but will have to this weekend! 🙂 I did tummy time with her in the grass once and she was NOT a fan… but that was more the tummy than the grass I think! haha So cute that she's figured out how to make Sophie squeak!! 🙂

  4. NAKED BABY!! Cuteness overload!!

  5. That girl definitely has your smile! Ah, the river trip looks amazing!!! We went last year on a rafting trip, boy am I going to miss floating and drinking beer and then frantically trying to get through the rapids in one piece! I have been dying for some outdoors lately. Good luck on your family camping trip. 🙂

  6. That pic of her looking up at Charlie just melts my heart. She's definitely getting taller. She barely fits in the first frame. You know what I mean? Don't laugh Josey I know, you know, what I mean.

  7. I love her in the grass naked. she is so gorgeous Josey, no wonder you are so proud.hey on an aside, what is happening with PAIL?

  8. Holy crap Jos, you guys make one cute baby!

  9. Thanks, Niki. I miss your updates!! How is your baby bump coming along??

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