Classy and Fabulous

Oh my gosh E, this might be my favorite post to write in the past 2+ years, because holy freaking sh*t, you’re a Mom!!!

So many of us have prayed for SO long for this time to come, and I have spent the past few weeks alternating between bouncing for joy and hysterically crying because I am so thankful that she is your baby girl and that you are her baby Momma. I am serious – I have showed SO many random co-workers and strangers the pictures of your adorable child – I couldn’t contain myself!

This little girl….she has no idea the world of fashion she is in for. The specially organized closet (nursery?!), the high heeled shoes from the most recent season…this girl is SET.

I have no doubt that every single day of Am.eli.a’s life, she will know how much she is wanted and loved. 

I cannot wait for our daughters to hang out together, to have fun together, and to be bestest cross-country friends.

Your daughter has the best parents in the world, I know this.



(ps – there’s a box in the mail to you filled with random little stuff – i hope you like it!)


  1. yaaay its E's shower. Great post Josey. I hope she sees all our posts today.

  2. What a beautiful post – had me in happy tears! I've been following E for a long time and am overjoyed for her!

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