Stella Times…Week 26

Wow Bells Bells, 
26 weeks ago..and tomorrow, exactly six months ago, your arrival changed our lives forever.
Below are some observations from the past week… 
The Columbines in our front yard seem even more beautiful when you’re around to enjoy them. 
Walking in to see you conked out in the middle of our big bed like this makes my heart melt.

Getting ready to attend a wedding is much more time consuming (and exciting!) when you are around…and it’s the first time your Daddy and I have ever left an open bar wedding at 8:30pm. 🙂

You make me think about the wonder in the little things.
You make our family…our family!
You stand up at the doctor’s office now… and it seems like only yesterday that you were a tiny 4 days old in your car seat.
You love to sit up in your bath and play with your toys…and I’m sure you could have been doing this weeks ago, but it just occurred to me this week to let you try!

…and you even have your own pool!

Chewing on everything is your favorite past time lately…especially if you can be sitting up while you do it.

…and tonight, when I was taking your 26 week pictures, you rolled from your front to your back for the first time, almost exactly one month after rolling from your back to your front for the first time. I know some babies roll earlier, but you’re just so happy sitting up and checking out your surroundings, and so far Momma has enjoyed that you stay where I put you. I’m sure that once you start moving, you are never going to stop.

At the doctor’s office this week, you were 27″ long (91st percentile!), weighed 16#12oz (64th percentile), and had a head circumference of 17.5″ (96th percentile). You are easily in 9mo clothes, and even some 12mo. Holy crap! You are such a healthy, growing girl, and we are so thankful for that.

I love you so much, Stella.


  1. Stella is so cute!Matthew was slow to roll from tummy to back, but did back to tummy with no problem like Stella. He was sitting, too, long before rolling from tummy to back (like Stella but unlike every other baby we know!). Isn't it neat how different each and every baby is?

  2. Sorry – I published under my old Blogger account (when I didn't blog).

  3. Omg, that last picture of Stella is absolutely hilarious. I love the little gnawing face!!

  4. I can't believe how tall she is!! Chloe isn't even that tall and she's 4 months older. The pictures of you three at the wedding are gorgeous! You are right, once she starts rolling over, crawling, scooting, gone are the days of just sitting on the couch and watching her from afar.

  5. Happy 6 months to little Stella! She is just a DOLL!!!

  6. Standing! No Stella no! And that is the biggest rubber duck I have ever seen!

  7. I love the thursday updates. She changes so much week to week!

  8. Love the picture of her sleeping on your bed – Alexis sleeps the same way; all spread out! Stella is adorable!

  9. Such a cutie!!! I love all the pics. I'm from Colorado, and you make me miss it – the background, the columbines, ugh!Love the pic of Stella chewing – my Alex is the exact same way.

  10. She looks so pretty in her dress! I love the photo of her taking a bite out of her toy. Her pool looks like a blast, and you are so tan Josey!

  11. It is so fun to see her change and grow. Time goes so fast! I can't believe it's been 6 months already!

  12. Aw, so cute–I can't believe she just falls asleep like that! Alice doesn't roll much either.

  13. What a fun and adorable stage! And she totally looks like your husband in the last pic hahaha 🙂

  14. Such cutE pictures, you guys make an adorable little fam.

  15. She is adorable! YES to the staying put! Once they move it's a different ballgame. Maybe she'll be a straight-to-walking baby since she's so much more interested in sitting and standing than rolling.

  16. That's exactly what our peds doc said – we shall see!

  17. Definitely. They are so their own little people…

  18. That duck was a gift from my cousin! It's from her soda company (small town family business). Stella loves it!

  19. EVERYBODY says she looks just like her Dad, 100%. LOL

  20. Just when I think she can't get any cuter she proves me wrong. You have one beautiful family. I am glad you figured out you weren't following me, I missed your advice!

  21. Very very beautiful. Love the wedding pics and outfit.

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