Now That’s a Lot of Polka Dots

For the past week or two, Stella has regressed to sleeping pretty horridly at night (waking up 4-5x like a newborn instead of the 1-2x we had gotten used to).  We had been putting her to bed, swaddled with one arm out, in the co-sleeper attached to our bed. She would sleep there most of the night, and usually after the 4-5am feeding, I would pull her into bed with us or put her in her swing until morning. I like the morning cuddles, so that was working out great. Now that she was getting up every couple of hours again though, my level of exhaustion was spiraling out of control (especially since I work 4 days/week in an office), so I decided we might as well try the crib.
A a bit of back story, we thought about trying the crib a month ago because she is getting pretty long for her co-sleeper, but the way our nursery is designed, it’s in the loft outside of our bedroom, and it has a BRIGHT skylight (which is on the list of things to replace asap with a skylight + retractable shade) and the loft is also attached to our bathroom door where we get ready in the morning, so we’re still not sure quite how to make this work once she actually sleeps in her crib all night. 

At any rate, our cotton Halo Sleep Sack (size small – which she is sadly almost too long for now at 6 1/2 months) happened to be in the wash that night, so instead of swaddling her up in one of her muslin swaddle blankets, I figured what the heck, we will completely switch it up and do a sleep sack in the crib. We are living dangerously over here folks. 🙂

Stella still rarely rolls, but she does LOOOOVE rolling onto her side and covering her face with blankets and/or stuffed animals when she sleeps. For some reason, I have never worried about this habit or the suffocation risk. I know, I’m a terrible mother. Shoot me now. In the meantime, I’m leaving the toys in the crib because they make her happy.

Another example of Stella and Daddy, getting wound up before bed. As usual. *sigh* It’s a good thing they’re so cute when they play together.

The first few nights went great. She was back to waking up 1-2x/night to quickly nurse and conk back out (totally manageable IMO), and I’d still bring her back into bed with us or put her in the swing after the last feeding, which meant Charlie and I could get ready in the loft area in the morning without waking her up.

Last night…well, last night wasn’t so great, but I think it was because it was the first time we’ve turned the A/C on (very rarely do we use it here in CO), and something was screwed up with the thermostat so it was COOOOLD in here….like 57 degrees cold. At 3am I finally just brought her back to bed to snuggle with me and warm up.

SO. Long story short. No miracle sleep advice tips over here, but, we are attempting the switch to the crib and moving the whole “replace the skylight” goal to the top of our to-do list.

In the meantime, she sure is cute in polka dots.


  1. Man, that sounds rough. I wish I had some good advice for you, but we put black out curtains in Chloe's room and they work great! Her real curtains are pink and they would make the room glow, so at least this way it's nice and dark. She is definitely cute in polka dots though! And I missed commenting on this, but JJ does the same thing getting her riled up before bed. AND he will even go get her out of her crib from a deep sleep, just to give her hugs and kisses after being at the restaurant all day. It drives me nuts! But of course I can't be mad when he brings her into our room for a minute and she has her sleepy face on and a big smile. I've told him one of these days it's going to backfire on him, and she's not going to go right back to sleep.

  2. Love the polka dots!Sleep habits suck! I have zero words of wisdom here as I'm currently fighting the battle. The most I can say is good luck getting it all figured out and I pray you have more success than me!!

  3. I love that sleep sack. 🙂 She's getting all grown up sleeping in her crib with her stuffed friends.

  4. Wow, Avery regressed a bit after she hit her 6 month mark, but we just had enough and had to do CIO. She never cried for more than 20 minutes, which was tough, but worth it.Good luck

  5. I've been hearing stories of this around the blogosphere of babies regressing. I wonder if it's a stage all babies go through. I love her onesie!!

  6. Maggie has always had all kinds of stuffed animals and blankets in her crib too. I figure if she is big enough to grab and move them, it has to be okay.

  7. Pretty sure I'm the mayor of Regression City over here. The sleeping (or should I say waking up?) habits of the World Worst Sleeper are not faring well with the upgrade to Big Sister.

  8. We are struggling with sleep issues as well – Lexi will hardly sleep in her crib, she prefers co-sleeping instead. We are working on this but not having a lot of luck and I don't want to do CIO. Good luck with the switch!She is super cute in polka-dots!

  9. Ugh – sleep regression has to be so hard! Just when you think she's doing well, it reverts… I hope things get better soon!And Stella's just so adorable in her polka dots!!! Especially the pics of her getting all riled up – so cute!

  10. Is she getting her first teeth? Sometimes that will mess with sleep. 🙂 E was so easy to transition to her crib (at 8 months) and Caroline was well, not easy 🙂

  11. 11 p.m., 1 a.m., 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.- all times that I put a restless baby on a boob to go back to sleep. He is in the crib from 9-11 but I'm just too tired or have already fallen back asleep at the other times to put him back in! Just sympathizing with you over here as we battle it out too. Tonight, I am going to try supplementing after the last nursing and see if that helps. Let us know how it goes and good luck!

  12. Sorry about the sucky sleep- it's the worst! Love her polka dots and stuffed animals!

  13. That polka dotted babe is to die for!We put Taylor in her crib at two months to the day. We never co-slept and we have a very consistent bedtime routine. The good side to that is that Taylor is a fantastic sleeper and goes to bed the minute we lay her in the crib.The bad side is that we don't get the cuddles and snuggles. When you (and other blog mommies) talk about bed cuddles, I do turn a shade of green. I just try to remember that each has its pros and cons.Good luck with the crib and I think her sleeping with all her "friends" is adorable!

  14. Aww…love the polka dots!!! :)Alidia is going through a bit of a sleep regression at the moment too. I hope it was just the trip but during it and last night since being back, she is up a bunch through the night where before this she slept right through!! Ugg.. I am not used to the lack of sleep! And one of the big issues on our trip… sunlights in the bedroom!! So I know what you mean and think it will definitely help once you get a shade for yours. We are back to swaddling after short lived switch to her sleep sack. May try again this week once we are settled. hehe love all of her stuffed friends. Alidia's crib looks very similar!! I loves to play with them in there. Today Anthony put a bunch of top of her, pretending they were making a pyramid and she screamed like crazy!! (He felt really bad afterwards because he was just having fun with her). This made me feel more confident that she would not tolerate one laying on top of her long enough to suffocate her! Okay, this comment was way too long. hehe

  15. Yes, Stella and polka dots definitely get along. I have started a very bad habit of bringing the boy into bed at 6 or 6:30 am when he wakes up and wants to party. Otherwise, I have to get up and start my day then which is not a big idea. He's gotten so used to it that if I try to give them the plug and go back to bed without him he cries until I pick him up. As soon as he's in bed with me, he falls right to sleep. Just hoping this ends before middle school begins.

  16. I'm like you – I don't worry about the stuffies or the blankets in Matthew's crib. I don't know why I don't – I just never have. I was more concerned with him getting too cold at night without a blanket. B lets me put him in bed with one stuffed animal, his lovey, and a blanket. That's it ;)Charlie and Stella are pretty darned cute together, but that man has got to learn that bedtime is not play time! HA! B finally figured it out when Matthew was about 6 months old! I think we moms are much more serious about it since we're the ones who get up with them to feed them when they can't settle down!

  17. Love the polka dots!! Stella is such a doll. And I love the sheet, too. It's such a fun print.I admit that I'm a little guilty of getting Sofi riled up a bit in the evenings, but usually it's before bath time so we still have that little bit of the routine to calm her back down. Once she's in her pjs, though, it's all business!I hope the transition is smooth!!!

  18. I have been looking for a sleepsack with arms for ages! Would you mind telling me where you got yours from! Love the polka dots, she is adorable!

  19. It's a "Just one you" by Carter's – something like this I guess.,default,pd.html?cgid=carters-baby-girl-pajamasIt was a gift – sorry I can't tell you more!

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