Stella Times…Week 28

 Dear Stella Joan, 

Today was a big week for you (and for us), because you started sleeping in your crib! It’s not all night by any  means, but you are generally in there from 9pm-3am at least, if not until 5am, so that is pretty darn cool. It makes you seem like such a big girl! That’s your crib sheet in the background of the picture above – I love it!

Last Friday we went to a local spa lodge that has a rooftop bar and live music on the weekends. You did so great! In the picture above, we had just gone down one level to their deck to nurse. You are such a happy little girl – people constantly comment on how happy you are.

On Saturday we did our first ever hike together! It was a lot of work for Mommy, but you loved it! You spent the entire two hours just chilling in your carrier – smiling, checking things out, and napping. Life was pretty darn good. 🙂

Sunday was your Daddy’s first Father’s Day. We spent all day at Nana and Papa’s house hanging out in the back yard, which you loved. You are definitely Daddy’s Rockstar!

You still up SO well now days, and you can entertain yourself for much longer blocks of time. We will sit you on the floor with a bunch of toys around you, and you are happy as a clam!

This picture is for your NanaMama Julie. That little toy is the first thing she bought when she found out she was pregnant with me, and now it’s your toy – how cool is that?!

Love you so much Stells Bells,


  1. Congrats on the big crib move!

  2. She's so adorable!! And her necklace is super cute. Is it a special baby one?

  3. LOL, no, it's my necklace that she kept yanking on while she was nursing so I finally put it on her so she could keep playing with it!

  4. She 's slapping in her crib awwww. Like a big girl. Can't believe you took a 2hr hike and she didn't fuss. She is one cool calm and collected baby girl.

  5. It should be illegal for babies to be that cute.

  6. The crib move is always a big one, and I think it's great she's sleeping so long in there every night. The picture of you two on your hike is gorgeous, look at all that scenery! It's so special that your mom kept important things like that toy to pass down to future generations, I sure wish we had stuff like that in my family. Definitely something to remember for my grand kids.

  7. That first picture is STUNNING.I loved it when Tay first started sitting up on her own. They seem so much bigger. Now that Tay is crawling….well, that's a different story.

  8. The area that you live in is so beautiful! What a fun hike!She is gorgeous, just gorgeous! 🙂

  9. Wow, way to go you for getting out hiking with her! So great that she enjoyed it. You look fantastic by the way!! 🙂 And wow, what beautiful scenery surrounding you!Great to hear she is doing so well in her crib for most of the night. It is definitely a big move and just another step in her becoming a little girl.. or at least a little baby rather than a new born! ;)That is awesome that she is now happy to sit and play on her own! I can't wait for Alidia to really start sitting on her own because I think she will love it. She loves being held sitting up so being able to do it without us in the way or tobbling over will be even better.

  10. Stella has the most beautiful smile! Love the hiking picture- looks like so much fun!

  11. way to go, stella! such a big girl! looks like it was an awesome week 🙂

  12. Josey you look great! I know we all have our goal and that it is sometimes hard to attain but you look fabulous in the hike picture! Your little sweet pea is looking good too.

  13. What a beautiful background, I seriously have to visit out west. I used to live in Flagstaff and we would go exploring new areas every weekend. The mountains are so beautiful. You look really great!!

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