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I just posted volume 3 of the PAIL weekly summary – please go check it out! I also included a quick blurb about getting the wool pulled over our eyes by that awful hoax this past week. It is so sad that anyone would fabricate a life that many in the ALI community have lived in their own very real nightmares. *sigh* We are here to support one another though, come hell or high water. That’s what I love about you ladies!


  1. That hoax was so sick… But as someone mentioned on the blog, if it's true she needs our prayers, if it's not true, she needs our prayers.

  2. Exactly!

  3. Omg I had no idea people did stuff like that! I was wondering why your post about it was 't in my feed anymore. I'm so shocked.

  4. That is crazy but I have to say, I just feel relieved that a 2 month old baby isn't dead. That post really disturbed me.

  5. I had the same gut reaction – thank GOD it wasn't true!

  6. I just wanted to say I had my laptop open to your blog and Chloe saw Stella in your header, tilted her head, and waved! It was the cutest thing, and first time she's acknowledged a baby's picture on the computer. Have a good weekend!!

  7. It really rocked my world when I read about the loss of "her daughter" and then I was so upset by finding out it was all made up. I agree though atleast the baby is fine and I feel very sorry for anyone who has a mental illness

  8. Wow, I was crying reading her posts and thinking about my own 4 month old.Can't believe that. Thanks for posting or I would have never known it was a hoax.

  9. That is crazy!!! Honestly, when I went over there after your post I thought to myself that it didn't feel right. Then I quickly felt horrible for even thinking that!!! I can't believe it.

  10. That post really got to me. I am dealing with a lot of anxiety about driving with my 3 week old and then I saw your "Sobbing" post and I couldn't click on the link to the blog. I had read enough from your post and cried while I was feeding Brett throughout the night:( So glad it wasn't true. That gal needs professional help!

  11. I was furious!! There were a lot bloggers out there (me included) who went to bed with a tear stained face! But yes, so glad its not true and that baby is okay. I'm worried for the family she stole the identities from! So creepy.

  12. I saw that comment too and I'm glad for it– it helped me keep perspective.

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