The Most Fun I’ve Had…

Don’t get me wrong, having Stella in our lives is its own kind of fun and joy and happiness, but last night is the first time I have truly felt like me since … well, since before I got pregnant. 
On a whim, Charlie and I joined a local slow pitch, co-ed softball league this summer. Our team is made up of random people from around town, and we play in a league in the next town over (10 miles away). Last night after work, Nana and Papa came to our house to watch Stells for us, and five of us piled into our car and headed up to play our first game at 6:30. The game ended up starting late and running late, so instead of being home by 8pm in time to put Stella down for bed, we ended up not even finishing playing until 8:30 and getting home around 9pm, which means it was the 2nd time in her life that I haven’t been there for bedtime.

That made me a little sad, but luckily, somewhere in the middle of drinking cold beers on the bench, having a couple of great hits, turning a double play, and heckling our teammates, I thought wow, this is the most fun I’ve had in a very, very long time.

Our team consists of a hodge podge of people who haven’t ever all practiced together or played together, and we literally didn’t even know what positions people were going to play in until we walked onto the field. Fortunately, everyone has at least a basic knowledge of the game and is fairly athletic, so even though we were playing against the reigning champs from last year, we hung in there! By the top of the 7th (normally they are 7 inning games in this league), we were up by 4… then we had an oopsie play in the bottom of the 7th that allowed them to catch up, and in the 8th we fell apart. Oops. We ended up losing the game, but WOW was it fun.

When we got home at 9pm, Stella was in bed, so we grabbed the baby monitor and a couple of chicken breasts and headed next door to our teammate’s house where everyone was cooking a late dinner. After a few more drinks and some delicious food, we headed home and had a great night’s sleep.
I cannot wait for the next game. πŸ™‚


  1. This sounds like so much fun!!! I am really jealous! Tons of my friends in Nova Scotia are planning on co-ed slow pitch teams this summer and are loving it also. I wish they had that here! I am happy to hear you were back to feeling like your old self and had a blast. Good luck on your next game!!

  2. That sounds fun and I hate softball! Glad you felt like yourself again…and jealous!

  3. Good for you! πŸ™‚

  4. Wow that totally looks like I meant it sarcastically, but I didn't haha. I really mean it πŸ™‚

  5. Sounds great. It's amazing how after you've had a kid, the 'good times' that were just there and we took for granted, are awesome treats now and we live in the moment so much more.

  6. We used to play co-ed too…its so fun! Nice to get away from the normal routine for a bit…it makes coming home that much sweeter!

  7. I think it's so important to continue to do things for YOU! This sounds awesome!!

  8. Gah! That sounds so much fun! I feel like getting "me" time is so important…yet SO hard to do. Glad you had a great time. You've inspired me to do something for myself…like tomorrow πŸ™‚

  9. Pump by day, pitch by night. I'm impressed:] Enjoy yourself girl, you deserve it!

  10. Sounds like a super good time! Good for you for signing up on a whim!

  11. Yes!! I'm glad you wrote this post. Our babies are our lives, but it's okay to do things with just adults too. So happy you had fun. I had a hard time blogging that I went to Disney without my daughter, but you know what? A happy mommy and daddy make happy babies. And it's evident that both Stella and Taylor are happy little babies. (oh, and kind of gorgeous too!)

  12. This sounds fantastic! And exactly like the kick in the pants BJB and I need to stop moping around and have some actual FUN!

  13. good for you! πŸ™‚ Sounds like fun!

  14. I love softball! It's great that you have someone who can watch the bambino so you can have some good couple's time! Even mom's need adult time (acting like big kids). πŸ™‚

  15. I'm so jealous! Our girls don't sleep reliably enough for me to let someone else put them down for bed. At least, I don't think they do. And at least Chicken will always nurse to sleep. Maybe a bottle? I don't know. Maybe I'm just scared to try it!This post is giving me things to think about. Hmm.

  16. Ha. Stella doesn't have a super reliable bedtime (though I've been moving it from 9pm ish to 8:15-8:30ish this past week because that is when she seems so cranky/tired and that has actually worked well). I'm also newly embarking on a goal of NOT nursing her to sleep (which is what she does 95% of the time) because I want her to be able to wake up in the middle of the night and put herself back to sleep without the help of my boob. At any rate, grandma gave her a bottle and then read a book and rocked her to sleep. Apparently it went well, though I have serious issues letting go of my bedtime time with her! It was good for both of us I suppose. πŸ™‚

  17. What a fabulous evening! It's good to be an adult sans baby every once in awhile… Way to go!

  18. That sounds like a lot of fun!!! It's always nice to have neighbors you can hang out with, it makes a big difference.

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