Sad Girl

We have had a fairly grumpy, whiny, tired little girl on our hands all weekend, and we think it’s probably due to teething. It’s hard to see her feeling so poorly, and it’s also hard to get anything done because she is wanting to be held constantly, BUT, the upside is that I am getting lots of cuddle time in with my little girl.



  1. What a sweet, perfect little mouth she has! Enjoy the cuddles while they last!!

  2. Poor thing….she sure does look cute though!

  3. Too cute for words, sorry she was feel badly but the cuddles are wonderful!

  4. Aww sorry to hear she hasn't been feeling up to her happy self. Teething scares me! She does look adorable in this photo though. Look at those lips!!

  5. That pouty lip is too cute.

  6. aww…poor baby! Hope she gets back to being her normal, happy self soon!

  7. Teething sucks! Hopefully it goes quickly! Sweet picture!

  8. Can I get on the "holy mother, those lips!" train here? Wow!Poor sweet Stella. We're on vigilant teething watch around here (nothing yet, but we suspect Ham might be a few days away from her bottom left tooth coming up). It's so hard to tell! It always feels like something is in there and I can never get a clear view.Do you have Hyland's teeting tablets? I hear those are incredible.

  9. I know – you'd never guess she has those great lips in most pictures b/c her smile is always SO big that it stretches them out! LOL. Yep – we've been using a combo of the smallest dose of baby tylenol and a tablet or two of Hyland's.

  10. Teething is bittersweet! We hate to see the kiddos so discontent but those extra snuggles are so wonderful! When Gavin was Stella's age we made "ice popsicles." Just water in popsicle moulds. We'd hold the "popsicle" and he'd go to town sucking and gnawing. Got him some extra water (bc he'd also get diarrhea while he was teething) and numbed the gums. Good luck momma!

  11. Poor wee girl! Wish I had some tips for you…we just suffer through. 🙂 On the plus side, a toothy grin is coming your way!

  12. Poor thing. Teething or whatever is going on is just not fun for them but reaping the cuddle benefits ROCK!

  13. Poor sweet girl! I hope it goes by quickly. But extra cuddles are the best…

  14. Aww poor lil babe! She's a very cute sad girl!

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