Stella Times…31 Weeks

My Stella Bella, 

It’s been an interesting week in the S* household. You cut your first tooth this week (bottom left), and the picture above pretty much shows what you think about that. No fun.

Luckily, last weekend we hit up your first baseball game, pre-tooth drama, and you were a total champ. It was hot as heck, but with a couple of shade breaks, you totally hung in there!

On Tuesday, our normal daycare arrangements fell through, so you went to work with Momma for a bit in the morning before Liam’s Mommy saw my message and came in to get you. You did SO great. Thank you!!

Every day we take videos of you, now, because you are SO close to crawling. You have already figured out that you can go from a seated position to swan-diving for toys and move a heck of a lot. I cannot imagine how much you’ll be moving in the near future. Eek!!

Love you so much, 


— Oooh, I forgot to add that you gave yourself a pretty good shiner this week. I set you in the swing in our bedroom while I grabbed something, and you sat yourself up, pushed, and toppled head over heels onto the floor. Unfortunately, instead of just hitting the carpet, you hit the bar that is the base of the swing. Ugh. Sorry baby.


  1. She really is the cutest stinkin thing!

  2. She totally is the best baby on the block. I've even gotten hubs addicted to the Stella Times posts. How cool is that? Each week he goes "what's the cool baby up to this week?". Cause that's what I call her….the cool baby. Cool and cute!

  3. Hi Josey!I was wondering if you could do an update on the cloth diapering? How is it going? Also I was wondering as Stella gets older, how the diapers without the inserts are working. I know a lot of people double the inserts as the baby gets older, but I think the ones you chose don't have the inserts, they are all-in-ones. Just curious as to how that's going!!:-)

  4. She's getting so big! What a cutie!

  5. I'll try do to a full post one of these days, but the quick and dirty version – we are still loving them! I have no experience with diapers with inserts, but so far I haven't felt a need to add another layer to our diapers. At night we have switched to using disposables, just b/c she is in the diaper for 10-11 hrs at a stretch, and for the last month or so, we were having issues with leaking at night. Since she still nurses 2-3 times throughout that time, it's a LOT of pee. I'm hoping that when she starts sleeping through the night and not nursing, we can just go back to AIOs at night too. Other than that, we have zero issues with the AIO cloth diapers. They hold in every potential blowout with no problem all day long. Also, my daycare provider loves them – said they're just as easy as disposables, which she appreciates since it's daycare!

  6. First tooth! Ahhh! What is happening to the time!? I thought Stella went to your sis and laws for daycare. Does she go another place too? Do you work 3 eight hour shifts. I'm going to need to go back to work at 12 weeksweeks and im trying formulating a plan of what might be doable for me in the office and "work from home" the rest of the time- ie keep the laptop open at home for email alerts. :)The girl is precious! Your sooo lucky to have her in your lives!

  7. I work 4 nine hour shifts every week and every 6th weekend one Saturday morning (so usually about 36 hrs/wk, but sometimes 40). I hate being away from Stella that much – would much prefer 3 eight hour shifts. I think that's a good plan if you can do it. Stella goes to daycare Mondays and Tuesdays, I get to stay home with her on Wednesdays, and my sis-n-law comes to our house Thursdays and Friday.

  8. Holy crap 31 weeks, that is crazy. Time goes way too quickly. She is just as cute as ever.

  9. She looks so cute on your floor at work! What a great place that they allowed you to bring her like that!

  10. Congrats on your first tooth Miss Stella!! šŸ™‚ Hope it didn't bother you too too much! šŸ™ ) So exciting that she is almost crawling. Exciting and scary hehe… get ready!! We just gated our whole deck area this week in preparation for an on the move Alidia because we have a little fish/turtle pond and cement steps all around the (what was completely open) deck. Not good for a moving baby! Ouch, sorry to hear about your first shiner!! Alidia has the same giraffe… his name is Mitch! šŸ™‚

  11. What a cutie! That's awesome you were able to bring Stella into work – amazing! My little one just started crawling a couple days ago – boy, it changes everything! Good luck!

  12. We had our first shiner this week too!! šŸ™‚ She's getting so big! No teeth in our world though, I'm thinking he's never going to get them! šŸ™‚ I guess I can wait on that from Stella's view of the matter!

  13. The expression on her face in that first photo is just priceless. I love it!

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