Stella Times…32 Weeks

Oh My Sleepy Stells Bells, 

This has been a rough week in our house, because apparently you have mastered the whole “object permanence” thing, and sleep has just not been happening. Thank goodness I have a ton of wonderful friends who have given me lots of great ideas to try out to get you sleeping again. Hopefully we will all be sleeping better soon.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the FUN things that have happened this week. You continue to get closer and closer to crawling. Right now you can go from a seated position to a swan dive onto your belly to get toys AND THEN sit yourself back up! This is a major milestone baby – you used to get SO mad when you were stuck on your belly, but no longer!

You also get on your hands and knees and scoot backwards, plus you have figured out how to start pulling yourself up on things. So far you have only made it to your knees, but it was crazy to look over and see your little face peeking up at me from the side of the couch. BGS! (That stands for “Big Girl Status” in our house. *grin*)

Shopping has been so much fun with you lately. You like sitting in the carts now, so grocery shopping is MUCH easier, and clothing shopping is pretty funny – you’ll reach your hands out and touch all the pretty clothes as we walk by. I think you already like clothes shopping more than I do. 🙂

Solid foods continues to go well – you will try anything and everything that we give you (even lemons!), though yesterday we gave you prunes (both a puree and a juice) to try to get things *ahem* moving for you, but no such luck. You hated the prunes, and nothing is moving yet. Poor baby. Other than that, BLW is awesome – everywhere we go, there are options of what to give you to eat, and I love that!

Probably my favorite thing now days is that you reach for me all the time now. Something about your little arms held out for me to pick you up. *heart melting* You do say “dadadada” all the time lately, so I think Daddy is going to get the “first words” – at least you still reach for me. 😉

Love you so much baby!


  1. Oh I love when Lexi reaches for me! Makes my heart melt as well – it is seriously one of the best things ever. Love the picture of her in the cart with the ball – too cute!!

  2. I love the cart picture! I have so many pics of Gracie in shopping carts. I just think they look so cute 🙂

  3. so sweet, my little ones sit up so well but for some reason they dont care for the carts. They do well in the high chairs though. I love when the babies reach for me, it does truely melt your heart.

  4. How about plums, aren't prunes just dried plums? Wouldn't that help?

  5. SO adorable! I love her little blue and pink outfit!

  6. Hm, I bet she isn't too far from pulling up to her feet then. E pulled up to her knees one day and then the next she was standing in her crib. It was insane!C has constipation issues, the nurse said to give her prunes or white grape juice. C liked prunes so that helped. I hope things move along for her soon.

  7. Wow, she is really getting so close to crawling…. and shortly after, pulling your house apart!! 😉 I love the photo of her on the floor staring at the camera as if she is saying, okay I have almost got this crawling thing down! Alidia has really started to grab for everything lately too.. whenever we go anywhere!! It is really cute but tonight I said to Anthony, jokingly, "She's annoying me!!" because she kept grabbing at everything on the table, then he said something like "Aww how can you say that??" then she grabbed the table cloth and just pulled as hard as she could, knocking my drink everywhere! :/So cute that she is now reaching for you!! Alidia hasn't started that yet but it is something I look forward to! 🙂

  8. She is getting so big. I can't believe she will be crawling soon.

  9. I'm with Michele – we do plums instead of prunes and it seems to do the trick. ;)Love the second picture. Posing in the natural light. So adorable.

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