Four Years

Char and I have been together since April 2005 and married since July 2008. This has been such a fun day to look back at everything that has changed in our lives over the past four years.

July 19, 2008: Our Wedding Day – What an awesome day.

July 19, 2009: 1st Anniversary – Camping in American Basin and Hiking Handies Peak (a 14er!)
This is the day we decided to try to have a baby. 🙂
July 19, 2010: 2nd Anniversary – Stuck in an airport on our actual anniversary, and then celebrating with a river trip a couple of days later. 
Drinking to forget my sadness about not being pregnant yet. 

July 19, 2011: At my college buddy’s wedding at a beautiful lake in MN, SO thankful to be pregnant.
July 19, 2012: Hanging out at Music in the Park with our Stella Bella. 🙂

To top off this entire day, I just got a text from Charlie’s brother that my sis-n-law just gave birth to our new nephew. It was a crazy day of unexpected twists and turns, and I am SOOO thankful that he is here and is safe and well. AHHHHH!!!!!!!


  1. Happy anniversary!And wow, Stella really does look just like her daddy!

  2. A very happy anniversary to you two! The pictures are beautiful…You actually appear slimmer now…P.S. I have been lapping up the comments you received on the sleep post…

  3. Happy Anniversary (for yesterday)!!! You two are the cutest couple ever…. and then in the last photo you become the cutest family ever!! 🙂 The music in the park sounds like fun. I'm still inlove with your little town! Yesterday, the 19th was mine and Anthony's 4 year anniversary of when we made the big move to the Dominican Republic which changed our lives so it was a special day for us to remember too!

  4. Happy anniversary you two! Looks like it has always been and will continue to be a very special day in your book. Congrats on the new family member too!

  5. Awwwwwww! I can see why Stella is so beautiful. Good genes much? I may have a totally appropriate internet crush on Charlie now after seeing him in a suit. No big deal.

  6. Happy Anniversary! It is so awesome that you take a picture together on your anniversary every year. What great memories you are making.

  7. Congratulations and happy anniversary!HS

  8. Happy Anniversary!! Love that you guys have a picture from every year! Congratulations on your new nephew! How exciting!

  9. Happy anniversary to two of my favorites!! We should skype soon. :)Love you.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures – what a fun way to look back at a special day!

  11. Happy Anniversary….may you have many years of blessings and happiness ahead of you!

  12. Happy anniversary! Love all of the pics. And I am with Fiona…I'm in love with your town!!!

  13. Happy Anniversary you two! What a great looking couple! Neat to see the photo from the day you decided to try to have children. I think everyone remembers that conversation.How many drinks have we had to console ourselves of infertility!? 🙂 So glad you have your Stells Bells!

  14. Happy Anniversary!! Its amazing how much life can change but in such great ways.

  15. What a great progression! Congrats!

  16. Happy anniversary! You look fantastic and so different in every pic 🙂

  17. Happy anniversary!

  18. Happy anniversary!!!

  19. Seriously, lady, your husband is the most attractive man I've about whom I've thought, "He married someone much better-looking than he is." Could Stella come from a better gene pool? I don't think so! Congratulations on four years!

  20. Happy love day! So crazy how each year brings something new. Continued blessings for you guys!

  21. Happy anniversary! I love your photos – they capture the years well 🙂

  22. happy anniversary, you two!

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